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MLM Business

MLM Business

When looking for top network marketing companies or MLM business to join, you must consider it’s product, compensation plan, & leadership in depth.
The network marketing industry has evolved tremendously in the last 15 years. Those who are finding out that their job isn’t going to be enough to support their retirement lifestyle, are looking for a way to work a home based business.

MLM Business

There are thousands of MLM business’s out there to look at but only a small amount should be taken seriously.
3 Things you should look at when joining a network marketing business:
1. The Product
2. The Compensation Plan
3. The Leadership

The product must be a recurring or consumable product. This will be the core of your monthly residual earnings. The product must also be something that could solve people’s problems. It must be able to change someone’s life visually and emotionally.

The Compensation plan must be a proven and legal plan. THere are many types of comp plans that mlm companies use and it’s very important to know which one best fits your goals.
Some compensation plans make money quicker then others for example, while some require more volume then others to make the same amount of money. Find which one is right for you.

Leadership is one of the most important components when looking into a network marketing company. Companies who have great leadership and experience in the industry usually last the longest and build the biggest and successful teams. When you jump on board a company with hundreds of years of experience, you got yourself a company to trust and commit to.

At the end of the day, 99% of network marketers fail for one reason, they quit. This happens because they fail to drive enough traffic to their business and sponsor new business partners.
Network marketing is really good at training their marketers to show people how their products works and can improve someone’s life. Where network marketing is not so good at is training people how to market online effectively.

This is where online traffic systems come into place. Learning how to create traffic to your business from the internet is crucial. These days, you must learn how to master traffic in order to be successful unless you already have a big team and they follow you wherever you go.

3 things you need to learn to have a successful business using the internet:
1. Create Traffic
2. Capture Leads
3. Convert Sales & Signups

Most people fail in MLM because they never take the time to learn the 3 C’s…Create, Capture, and Convert. It’s recommended that you find an experienced online traffic coach to help you expose your business to the masses around the world utilizing the internet. When you do this and get good at it. You will find yourself in the top 1% who actually become successful in the network marketing industry.

More questions we like to ask during business presentations with leads,

“Have you been to any MLM business before?”. If their answer is “never”, you may need to emphasize the advantages of MLM or Network Marketing business (details in further description).

If their answer is “ever”, you may be interested in finding out about their MLM achievements and experiences. From there, you can find out what makes them happy or hated in the MLM business. And during the business presentation session, you can insert and emphasize how important  business is if she agrees to be your business partner.

Keep in mind, however, that you should never abuse MLM or other groups. When pressed for a prospect for a personal view of it, it’s just “sorry, I only know  “.

My first experience with network marketing.

I used to do 20 door-to-door presentations per day.⁣

7 days per week.⁣

Day in and day out.⁣


But I didn’t start making the ‘big bucks’ until I discovered a ‘secret automation system’.⁣

My name is Blaz Posinek and one day, my team & I came up with a “crazy idea”.⁣

That allowed me to take my “presentations” and automate it.⁣

So instead of doing 20 random presentations every day, to people that are not even interested in what I have to offer…⁣

I could create an ad that would present 50,000 people each and every day!⁣

Everyone thought I was a fool.⁣

And that there was no way this would work.⁣

But I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.⁣

I was ready to give up, working out of my mom’s house.⁣

After a lot of late nights, early mornings and a ton of trial and error…⁣

I finally discovered a secret automation system.⁣

And everything changed for me (and my team).⁣

I went from desperately door knocking on random people’s doors, begging them to speak to me….⁣

To building the first automated enrolling system that works with any company.⁣

Meaning a system that enrols hundreds of people on complete autopilot.⁣

Hundreds or even thousands… In only a few months.⁣

Competitors with much bigger networks couldn’t compete with me.⁣


Because of my proven “automation system”.⁣

After discovering this system…⁣

I transitioned from selling one-to-one – to selling one-to-many.⁣

And that’s what I want to teach you…⁣

You see, inside my brand new blueprint called Winning LeadGen Blueprint I reveal exactly this.⁣

I reveal how to get flooded with hundreds of leads as soon as even today.⁣

I reveal how to get as many customers, distributors and sales as you can possibly handle.⁣

It doesn’t involve cold-calling.⁣

No cold messaging.⁣

It’s 100% legal…⁣

And it works no matter what you’re selling… At any price point.⁣

It’s crazy powerful.⁣


To get access to the blueprint, just click the “Learn More” button.⁣

The website will guide you through every step of the way so it’s really easy to access the Winning LeadGen Blueprint.⁣

That’s it.⁣

If you would like to discover how to get flooded with leads, customers and distributors then this is the best thing you can do at this very moment.⁣


Experts say rich people, ordinary people look for WORKS, rich people look for and raise NETWORKS. does it seem that the network is not important? The more you do MLM business, the more important it is. But I want to tell you, this network is a glamorous name, many acquaintances, the answer is great opportunities and stories about you and your product people will know, there are sales opportunities going up and going up when the networks are big.

Actually, there are many ways to expand the network, the best way is to OPEN YOUR MOUTH, that’s it, if you are diligent in opening your mouth, diligent in chatting, the answer is you can get prospects, just want to follow up, and then you can get sales, whether members buy , nor can you get a new downline in MLM. The best story is that during the time of Haji Roslan, the downline of Haji Hussin was down, just because Haji Roslan opened his mouth and the story about  business.

Times are changing with all kinds of technology. That is still something to be ashamed of. If you want to enliven more contacts, open fb add many people and share every goodness about products and business. That is the best, and taboo, do not want to ruin your competitors in the same business.

God’s sustenance is vast, only we migrate, change, there is hope that the network will be big. There is one more point, about friendship, this is power, the way to keep the network from getting damaged. Until there is a hadith about sustenance and friendship. Keep moving and keep moving, keep meeting and keep meeting, keep opening your mouth. God willing, your network is BIG !!!

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