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Night Shift Worker At Risk Of Colon Cancer

“Oh no .. this service usually applies to people over 50.”

That’s what I learned and WANTED to believe.
In fact, breast cancer is also “parental cancer”.

Young people jump in now. Reality then slapped my ego defense mechanism during my close acquaintance … getting cancer as early as the early 30’s … several years later he returned to his grace..innalillah.

I didn’t know … I was really scared.

Because I know I am also at high risk, because I live in a very high risk environment … the point is, I used to ignore it because I felt nothing.

Maybe we should be more careful when we are aware of this colon cancer info:

# According to WHO data in 2018, colon cancer is the # 3 most common cancer after lung and breast cancer.

# Intestinal cancer ranks second among 862,000 cancer-related deaths.

RISK colon cancer:

1) OVERWEIGHT & OBESITY especially men. Men should be taken seriously if their body fat percentage is over 25%.

2) High consumption of animal fat especially when cooked at high temperatures such as fries and grill continuously. But I personally believe meat in processed foods is the most dangerous.

3) SMOKING is a major risk of lung cancer but the chemicals and heavy metals in cigarettes are also major risks of stomach and intestinal cancer!

4) ALCOHOL is a high sugar drink and increases the stress burden of the body’s main detox organ, which is the liver organ.

5) COLON INFECTION DISEASES such as IBD increase the risk of cancer. Likewise, inflammation of the polyp tumor due to inflammation is a strong risk of cancer.

6) DIABETES type2 is the most common diabetes in our society. Diabetes not only increases the risk of colon cancer but also makes life worse for diabetics.

7) NIGHT SHIFT WORK increases the risk of colon cancer according to several studies. This may be due to disruption of the sleep hormone (melatonin). More studies are needed and are underway to confirm this risk.

In fact, the risk is closer than we thought. Bowel disease, “wind” and sensitive stomachs have become commonplace in our society.

… obesity? We are top of ASEAN country records.

Cigarettes? Still!

High fat fatty fastfood? Line up our men’s lunch hour.

Diabetes? It’s become a disease of young people

Thank God we still have a chance to live. You can still prevent it. If it does, there is still a chance to insha Allah.

Take care of your diet, reduce your sugars and processed foods. Activate yourself during the day and at night. Avoid environmental toxins, at least avoid cigarettes and smoke.

Fasting ladies and gentlemen. Not only does weight gain, the “fire” inflammation of the intestine subsides and the intestines also recover … the body is healthy.


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