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No Equipment Cardio Workout


Duration: 40 minutes ⁣

Hey guys, this cardio workout is a super fun one and requires no equipment except for a skipping rope, however it can be done without one.⁣ 🌤

If you are willing to add an extra 10 minutes or more on to this workout, going for a jog before or after these exercises will bump it up to the next level 🔥

If you are working on building muscle, go for your run first. If you are wanting to build your endurance and aerobic capacity, run after. ⁣

Do your best to complete these exercises for 30-60 seconds each and then take 30 second breaks between each. Complete 3 rounds of this and then your done! Simples.

– Jump lunges ⁣
– Jump squats ⁣
– High knees ⁣
– Hurt kicks ⁣
– Skipping rope ⁣
– Jumping jacks⁣
– Mountain climbers ⁣

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