Normalization of Pornography Astro ?

Normalization of Pornography Astro ?

Normalization of Pornography Astro & Hypocritical Society. Yesterday a video went viral on Twitter, a short video from Tiktok about recording a program on Astro. Several male individuals on stage giggled about the issue of rape while spreading the disgrace of a female actress.

In wanting to share the experience of carrying an evil character, the stupid Fauzi tells an explicit and detailed story about the rape scene. How is the body position and what is worn by the actress involved, what kind of open legs, knees where what all. Then he could joke about how he was tortured and had to hold on to lust in that situation.


While the actress is already veiled, married and has children. Turn around, he still can’t deny how stupid he is and doesn’t respect women. I don’t understand how it can be missed. Most likely it is the party that did not do the work. The response from the actress and her husband was very mature and professional. A little reprimand, apologize and beg everyone to move on quickly from this issue.

But the individual’s apology is very weak and only shows how bad the professional level of the industry is. If you apologize, then a lot of “buts” and put on sad background music. Want to be cool with your mistakes. Can go kill you by apologizing to you! Has been involved in the industry for more than a dozen years, but is still stupid and insensitive. The director of the film is equally guilty for me, but that’s next time we’ll talk.

If in Korea it is confirmed to be severely criticized and there is hope that this male actor will not have a job offer after this. Our society criticizes and condemns Korean films/dramas and culture because they are supposedly influenced by western culture. While our culture is full of normalization of pornographic jokes, rape, defending predators and blaming victims.

But we are kind of shameless, unconscious and delusional. We sweep these issues under the rug, do not know while cheering that we are the most Islamic & polite. HYPOCRITES. Can’t imagine what else is a gossip that many actresses behind the scenes have to be patient and face. I do not want to mention the name of the actress in honor of her and her family. We can do better Malaysia, we SHOULD do better.

Talk a little brainwashed – Joe Flizzow

PETALING JAYA – Angered to see the issue of rape and sexual harassment made into a joke by some of the country’s celebrities, producers and iconic rapper, Joe Flizzow came forward to voice his views. He said, as a group known to many, they should be sensitive to the issue or it is better to stop as lawyers and artists if they still make rape a laughing stock.

“To the artists or television hosts out there who remember the issue of rape, abuse or ‘sexual harassment’ is funny, you better just quit your job. “Please, use a little brain. These people are role models (examples) and should not promote stupid issues like this, ”he said via Insta Story. Joe or real name Johan Ishak, 42, said this referring to the controversy involving a video from a television program that spread on Twitter since yesterday.

In the show, actor Fauzi Nawawi boldly narrated in detail his experience in 2007 when he succeeded in the rape scene through the film Anak Halal. Despite informing that the scene with the actor Raja Farah has been cut, many slammed the actor’s actions which were deemed excessive, not to mention the laughter of other invited artists, including the show’s host, Shuk.

Fauzi, however, has apologized to the actress and her husband for the continuity in addition to informing that the video from the program which has been broadcast several times is contagious.
At the same time Joe hopes that such immature behavior can be stopped and not make it a culture in this country. “I don’t want to expose (expose) you. You also apologized (but) what I have to say, I will say. That’s enough.

“This is not the culture that should exist in Malaysia. Don’t ruin your thinking, ”said the founder and owner of Kartel Records.


The fuss over a video featuring Fauzi Nawawi’s sharing of the rape scene, with Raja Farah in the film Anak Halal (2007) which is their joint acting. The partnership, which is seen as a bit outrageous, has received severe criticism from netizens. On average, it is a partnership that can bring disgrace to Raja Farah who has migrated and has a family of his own.

Raja Farah and her husband have come forward, to express dissatisfaction with the sharing from Fauzi Nawawi on the matter. However, they do not want to prolong this matter just to give awareness to the community. That the issue of rape is not a trivial matter can be made a joke.

Fauzi Nawawi later, continued to appear to apologize publicly. He admitted to being mistaken for his ignorance in such a matter. However, at the same time, he also expressed his regret, because the video clip is a recording that has been recorded for quite some time, but it has been hyped at this point.


I have safely fulfilled my own desires, look at the story entitled “Section 375”. A film about how the law is manipulated for self-interest. Section 375, one of the sections in the Indian Penal Code for the offense of rape. A section created in the Indian legal code to protect women from sexual violence.

I don’t want to talk about rape. Because behind the issue of rape, there is another important issue that has been resolved by Mr Tarun Saluja through cross -examination of the victim who was raped.
I like the skill of Mr Tarun Saluja, the lawyer for the rapist, to make everyone speak honestly in the witness box. Good victim, police officer, brother to the victim. After all the surrender is not so deceptive.

Although up to the level of this lawyer, he has to suspend his charity certificate for 6 months, because he used a tactic that should not be used in court, but that tactic succeeded for the victim to be honest. The lawyer still lost in this case, because the issue under the Prosecutor was “rape”. Coming out of court, the victim told the Prosecutor, that what the opponent’s lawyer said, was correct. One sentence I like from the lawyer, more or less cenggini,

“The court needs to take into account, the real issue that occurred, when the law was supposed to serve to protect, but was applied. My client, before getting a fair trial from the court, was first tried by the Facebook Court and Twitter judges.” There are so many issues in this movie that you deserve and need to watch this story. Women. The law. Family relationship. The truth. Loyalty to the wife. Husband’s ego. Forbidden love. Revenge. Corruption. Power of superiors. Wisdom.

I give it 5 stars. Oh yes. I saw this story near the TGV, so there is a promotion for a ticket price of RM8 instead of RM14, provided you pay using a Maybank card. Thanks also for the August Shaklee bonus, get a self reward with Starbucks water and watch a movie in the middle of the month when your pockets are so dry . Don’t forget, look at this story. Sincere review, TGV doesn’t even pay

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