MLM Amway

MLM Amway. Maybe some of us don’t know what the real AMWAY business is, maybe some still think MLM is a scam ?? That’s why ….

Forever Living

Forever living spm students want to earn money? Sell ​​junk products just to make a profit YOU ARE NOT A GREAT DOCTOR, I really want ….

Dreamy Foundation Atomy

Dreamy Foundation Atomy, there is an issue now because he said he is involved with Christian missionary preaching. Many ustaz ustaz are noisy. An MLM ….

Thermomix TM6

Thermomix TM6 is not a fairy tale. Last year’s PKP season as well, it went viral and everyone was “surprised” by the price. But when ….

Miscarriages mRNA Vaccines

Miscarriages mRNA Vaccines. 12,6 % miscarriages are a horrible and extremely high number caused by the emergency mRNA Gene vaccines. Miscarriages mRNA Vaccines Preface: However, ….

Ivermectin Crisis India Letter

Ivermectin Crisis India Letter. A letter from a British citizen to the UKs Minister of Health, Mr Sajid Javid. Ivermectin Crisis India Letter Sajid, I’m ….

PCR Test For Covid19

PCR Test For Covid19. This is my understanding of the process. I would add that I am not a scientist but a retired Police Officer ….

Usury Snake Bite

Usury Snake Bite. In a recent book titled Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, author Michael Hoffman exposes how ….