PCR Test For Covid19

PCR Test For Covid19

PCR Test For Covid19. This is my understanding of the process. I would add that I am not a scientist but a retired Police Officer of 30yrs. However I have run complex investigations. Like everyone else just trying to make sense of the science, lies and deceit.

People reference the PCR test as a test for the Covid virus.

It was developed by Kary Mullis In the 80’s who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993.The Polymerase chain reaction although referred to as a test is not actually a test it is is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail.

It is capable of blowing up or amplifying material but it does not tell you what that material is. As Kary Mullis explains it can make a lot of something from a little of something. It is down to interpretation what you are actually looking at.

It is not like a pregnancy test where you take the test and you either get a positive or negative result.

Kary Mullis tells us that the PCR process was never intended nor designed to test for a virus. That is because the process can not tell the difference between old genetic material from say old redundant material from past infections or virus’s. So potentially if you have material from a previous virus say 10 years ago it can potentially amplify that material. But it does not tell you what that material is. It is down to interpretation. The process will probably give you a positive result, even though you don’t have the virus.

The test can not tell you if you have a virus, nor if you are ill or infectious. Mullis explains that.

A virus is submicroscopic, so to give you some idea of size, a bacteria is one million times smaller than a millimetre and on a scale it measures 0.4 micron. A virus is much much smaller and ranges between 0.02and 0.025 micron. They can not see it under a normal microscope. Hence why wearing masks is a waste of time. But that is for another post.

So what they are doing is using the PCR amplification process, which was originally designed to examine our DNA and cancer cells. These are also larger than a virus. The theory involves the process of blowing up the material rather like a photocopier, but much more complex in order to examine the virus. Each time they blow it up it is called a cycle.

It has been determined by research that less than 30 cycles is more likely produce a negative test and 40 or more a positive test. It would therefore seem that the number of cycles run may influence the result and make the test unreliable. Ironically, the WHO came out and expressed this very fact.

I understand that the NHS in England and Wales and Health Scotland are currently running at 40 to 45 cycles (which is supported by a number of people having done a number of freedom of information requests), and like I said even with a positive test they can not tell, for certain, if you have had it, or if you have it, or if you are infectious or not.

Now to add to the mix, The Pleasant Institute and some other Institute in America, the name of which just escapes me, claim that the genetic material that they are looking at as being part of or a reaction to the virus shares the same genetic sequence as the human chromosome 8 which we all have. That tells me, potentially, every test could in fact be a false positive, as they will always find the same sequence in the samples.

I am not saying is that there is not a flu like virus, because the virus has clearly had an influence on the elderly and vulnerable with comorbidity and people are becoming unwell. But what I am saying is there is no evidence to support the narrative that the virus is any worse than a strong flu season.

Added to the fact that the virus has never been isolated and purified using the Koch Postulates process means that the whole process potentially is in disrepute.

But like I say I’m no scientist.

Many are disputing about the SOP in Langkawi when that is the purpose of Bubble Travel.

All tourists to Langkawi who “volunteered on holiday” when Bubble Travel was held were valid study material.

The government has repeatedly announced the opening of Langkawi Resort Island is Bubble Travel. If you are on holiday to Langkawi when the Government is implementing Bubble Travel it means you are participating voluntarily.

The normal movement is the same as before the covid epidemic hit with passengers no distance on the plane and tourists following the congested road at the jetty entrance to Langkawi is for the purpose of:
(1) a study to see to what extent Malaysia can enter the Endemic Phase, apart from the results of the Bubble Travel study also aims to look at things like:
(2) the extent to which the national tourism sector can be reopened and what action is necessary or unnecessary by the Local Authority.
(3) the country’s ability to save the Malaysian Tourism Industry in a short time at a time when the country is preparing to enter the Endemic Phase (living with the virus).

It is not because you are rich that you travel during the Government’s Bubble Travel project and you who are poor can only wait for the opportunity to cross the state back to the village. Not like that. UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF A BUBBLE PROJECT IN PANDEMIC SEASON.

Just like foreign countries such as Norway which held a music concert attended by an audience of 5,000 people crowded in the stadium before Norway declared only 4 spectators infected with covid19, that is because it is contagious elsewhere and not from deliberate music concerts. by the Government of Norway, for its citizens who are already fully injected 2 doses of Moderna vaccine.

Prince William, Princess Catherine and their eldest son Prince George joined the British people watching a football match in an indoor stadium attended by 2 thousand spectators is also an example of Bubble. But in the form of sports.

For people who understand the meaning of Bubble Travel, they will not travel to Langkawi when Bubble Travel is held. The expectation of more than 40 thousand simultaneous tourists to Langkawi at one time the First Bubble Pilot Project was held is a very high number.

For those who want the mosque to be fully opened, it may be possible to suggest to JAKIM and the Islamic Religious Departments of the States to hold a Bubble Mosque. Choose a mosque per state that is crowded during Friday Prayers and prayers as before the Pandemic on a set date and held simultaneously. Then see if the covid infection rate is high or low after Friday Prayers. Then the results of the study can be used for the Government to reopen all mosques throughout the country as usual once Malaysia enters the Endemic Phase.

Died of being infected with Covid19 Virus while joining Bubble Mosque compared to Bubble Travel may be a better situation. You are a martyr. InsyaAllah.

Brunei has already done so. Only Brunei does not call it Bubble Mosque.

#We take care of us.

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