Pharaoh Becomes So Rich ?

Pharaoh Becomes So Rich ?

That day someone asked, how could this pharaoh become so rich? Even though Egypt is a desert because not even a single durian tree can grow to mark up kilo sales. Isn’t that the time when Pharaoh was good at selling sand to get rich.

Pharaoh Becomes So Rich ?

In fact, at that time, Ancient Egypt depended on several things to ensure that the deme’s economy developed and was able to build the pyramids.
Among them is agriculture and usually the B40 laborers will work in the fields belonging to the T20 of Ancient Egypt. For the payment of wages, the farm owner will give clothes, food and shelter to the workers.

So these laborers will work hard and make the farm have a surplus of produce. When there is excess revenue, buying and selling will definitely happen but use the barter system.
For ordinary people who know they want to work under the B40 category, they can become fishermen catching sea bass near the Nile River.

Next, Ancient Egypt also depended heavily on factories to drive the local economy. The trick is that the heads of the farms will have their own factories to process all agricultural products. As usual, when the process is complete, all products will be sold in the market.

However, doing business in this country is fortunately very small. The Ancient Egyptians also tried to explore new ways to find countries that could be made to trade. Let’s meet some countries in Arabia and Africa. From there, the import and export from Ancient Egypt to other countries began.

The problem seems like the Pharaoh did not get any profit?
Pharaoh also introduced taxes to the people of Ancient Egypt. But Pharaoh is a little good because he doesn’t tax the farm workers.
Only the farm heads will be taxed. If you disobey, be prepared to be judged by Pharaoh.

Pharaoh’s way of collecting taxes is simple. His Majesty will instruct government officials to collect taxes based on the amount of agricultural produce that can be produced by the head of the farm. These taxes will be collected in one fund. With this tax revenue, Pharaoh became rich and could build a pyramid.

Why am I doing marketing but still not rich?

1. Marketing is a thing that overclaims where, I can do it for my tokey, but I can’t take responsibility for what I overclaim.

2. Marketing wants to show what they want you to see, but the back story is that only I see it, for example, you think he doesn’t put sugar, but actually he does.

3. Marketing is not honest, the terms and conditions are also not honest, not many are honest, if any I congratulate the brand/product developer. Where honesty is not an easy thing to sell. You even edit the picture.

4. Marketing is gambling or a game of winning and losing. If you don’t do it right. Money will be wasted without any results.

5. Marketing is the unsung hero because when marketing works. Your result is only measured by your twin named SALE. the more power your partner closes the sale, the more the employer likes you. And you are the one who will be thrown away compared to the person who closed the sale.

6. So when I try I am not appreciated in this field of marketing. In Malaysia, marketing is not highly valued. Even your salary is RM1500 minimum without commission. And my sales partner has a commission. Don’t make noise if he is rich. Because he has a lot of time to answer calls, and you don’t have time because you are trying to sell ideas.

7. The marketing specialist is the first person to be blamed if a project fails to attract interest. Because you are the frontliner. Behind the scenes make you a shield. I will not get rich because I take all the blame. Point 1-6 is your fault when the project fails.

Does this sound familiar?⁣

1. Go to school.⁣⁣
2. Work hard for good grades.⁣⁣
3. Get a degree.⁣⁣
4. Find a job.⁣⁣
5. Grind your gears for 40 years in a 9-5 with a steady paycheck.⁣⁣
6. Retire at 65.⁣⁣
7. Live life!⁣

This is the structure that was created back in the Industrial Age.⁣Back then, it was a phenomenal concept!⁣⁣People who came from nothing could suddenly get rich.⁣ All they had to do was?⁣
Go to school and get a good education so you could get a job as high in the hierarchy as possible.⁣

That’s the exact same structure we follow today.⁣There’s just one problem.⁣Actually, let me ask you a question…⁣Do you know people who follow this system, yet they’re struggling financially… or they’re just living a comfortable life?⁣That’s what I’m talking about.⁣

Society has been FEEDING you the idea that you can get rich with a concept from the 1950’s!⁣Now, I want you to think about some of the most successful and wealthy people on earth.⁣Did they get there by working at a 9-5 for 40 years?⁣Did they get there by having 2-3 different jobs?⁣Did they get there by having the best degrees?⁣No.⁣

In fact, most of them had NOTHING.⁣So, how did they make it work?⁣They had a unique set of skills.⁣Skills that offer high value to the marketplace.⁣Steve Jobs used CLOSING to sell millions of iPhones.⁣Gary Halbert (famous marketer) used COPYWRITING to sell billions of dollars worth of products.⁣

And Richard Branson, Jack Ma, and Elon Musk combined different entrepreneurial skills to build billion dollar companies.⁣And society has kept this secret from you all these years…⁣
YOU have one or more of these skills within you.⁣

That’s why I’ve created one of the first free quizzes that’ll help you discover the ONE High-Income Skill you were born to do.⁣Using the skill you’re about to discover, you’ll no longer have to worry about the bills.⁣You can prosper in any part of the world.⁣

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