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Plant Based Diet Loss More Fat Than Ketosis Diet

THIS IS HUGE NEWS. This NIH funded study by some of the top nutritional scientists was perfectly designed. The theory behind ketosis diets is that they burn fat and the ketones make you not hungry. Ketosis proponents say that people on a plant based diet will get higher blood sugars and higher insulin which will cause fat gain and hunger.

To really study this they did what I would think impossible. They got 20 people to stay in the hospital for 28 days. They measured everything. The participants did 2 weeks on low fat plant based diet or 2 weeks low carb diet, then they crossed over for 2 wks on opposite diet. They were offered 2x the amount of food they needed daily and told to eat as much as they want. Food provided and kept macro’s stable with 15% protein in both groups.

Both groups had decreased blood sugars but, since they were eating high carb, had higher post prandial blood sugar and insulin as expected. Did that create fat and hunger? NO!! The plant based group lost more fat and ate less calories daily. Better satiety with the lower calorie density plant food.

Like I have emphasized many times, while the low carb group had low sugar because they weren’t eating sugar, when they did a glucose tolerance test the low carb keto group had worsening glucose tolerance! They also had higher LDL and a shift to bad LDL. Basically they were developing insulin resistance and possible metabolic disease.

Interesting, low carb had fast initial weight loss but this was due to water. They didn’t actually lose fat! May have lost some muscle as they did lose fat free mass. Meanwhile, like I have said many times, carbs do not turn to fat. The plant group ate much more carbs but lost more fat.

This is the most controlled head to head trial of ketosis vs plant based diet and the findings echo volumes of other studies. Calorie density works, insulin doesn’t make you fat, carbs don’t turn to fat, ketosis diets may contribute to insulin resistance and dyslipidemia.

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