Pork Bad Parasites ?

Pork Bad Parasites ?

Pork Bad Parasites ? Being a chef, I feel like It’s partly my responsibility to put my two pence piece into this so you can make your own healthy choices, because I’ve been seeing my feed plastered with a story about it for weeks now.

What you see below is cancerous pork/bacon, from a packet I opened a few months ago, it’s quite common, it’s not the first time I’ve seen it, yes I disposed of the whole packet, but butchers have admitted publicly they’ll cut it out of bacon or pork and still sell the rest of the cut… which I completely disagree with… Would you want to eat any meat from the pig that came from, let alone the same cut of meat ? I wouldn’t.

Why is pork a bad choice?

Apart from it severely increasing your cholesterol as it’s packed with saturated fats, it also contains 3 parasites which after eating, release into your intestines and if you have a very high intake of pork, you’re quite likely to develop worms as all pork pretty much have tape worm. I saw one case recently of a mans body riddled from head to toe with worms who had a high intake of pork in his diet. The scan was horrifying.

Pork processed products like sausages, salamis, Hams, frankfurts, and bacon fall into carcinogenic category which is also rated the highest linked to cancer causing problems.

Pigs have very few sweat glands, the ones they do have don’t control temperature climate within their bodies so naturally pigs kept at farms for human consumption roll around in their urine, faeces, and dirt to cool down… which kind of explains why pigs are highly toxic animals for eating, no matter how cute they are, it’s probably safer not to eat them and best kept as pets.

There’s a reason all of my Muslim friends don’t eat pork as part of their religion

After complaining about not being able to eat pork, Vietnam complained that the training location was ‘spied on’

SINGAPORE: After complaining about the lack of pork food, Vietnamese coach Park Hang Seo did something again.
CNN Indonesia reported, this time he wants the AFF Cup 2021 committee and the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) to strictly monitor the location of his team undergoing training.
The team trained at Hougang United during the 2021 AFF Cup.
Vietnam considers the training ground less ideal because it is located in a densely populated area.
The situation made Hang Seo worried.
Quoted from The Thao Van Hoa, the South Korean coach asked for the surrounding location to be tightly controlled throughout the Vietnamese team’s training.
“The coach wants all activities about the Vietnamese team during training to be secret.
“If any photographer or video activity is detected, the Vietnamese team will immediately report the matter to the AFF 2021 and AFF committees,” the Vietnamese media wrote.
As the defending champion of the AFF Cup, Hang Seo is worried that his team’s game strategy will leak to the opposition.
The team had previously complained that the menu provided by the host to Vietnam did not provide pork dishes.

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