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Psyllium Husk – The Magic Fibre

What is Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium Husk is a type of water-soluble fiber from psyllium seeds.
Fiber @ fiber is an important ingredient in the digestive and dysfunction process of our body.

What’s so special about this “magic” fiber ???
Let’s talk …

“” Miraculous “fiber acts as a sponge: it absorbs excess water, fat and toxic substances in our digestive system as a result of our daily intake of food, as these fibers travel through the gastro-intestines in our body.

✔ Psyllium is a good “Cholesterol Binding”. From time to time it helps lower cholesterol levels in the body.

✔ This fiber can also increase the weight of our food. The result..we will be full longer and quickly feel full when eating.

✔ Psyllium will form a gel-like gel that results from the absorption of water and fat from our daily food and takes it away from the body.

✔ Shaping more “much” stool but soft.
This condition will help combat the drainage system and constipation problems. It does not cause diarrhea because it only makes the stool “worse” as a result of our daily diet. Stem removal results when the intestines give full signals instead of continuously.

Since psyllium husk is water soluble @ water are warned to consume large amounts of water.
2-3 L of water is mandatory to provide the best results.

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