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Quran Verse Rest At Night

Thank God many are open-hearted when I share a Quranic verse that says a night for rest and worship. Some of the verses (not one) are clear and easy to understand. And that is also what the ustaz and ustazah explain.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work at night, especially in critical jobs like the police, the army etc.

Let’s just say, if a worker is forced to work at night for work days, the employer can give them a break to fix all possible biological clocks. This is the nature of human nature. Sleep and sleep at night.

If you keep working at night for a couple of weeks it will definitely affect your body’s hormone system.

As the years go on, it is almost certain that chronic illness will develop as a result of prolonged stress.

But some of us have been heartbroken, of course rejecting what Allah has revealed as guidance. For those who read by faith, they must understand what they mean. (We listen and we obey.)

So the night is a time to rest and worship (if you have the opportunity). Unless you have to do unavoidable tasks. To deal with stress from disturbed sleep, they are advised to get enough rest during the day. Do not do any other activities, except to get enough rest and sleep. I sympathize and pray for good health.

Apparently there are many verses of the Quran and Hadith that provide guidance for us to live life for the happiness of the world and the hereafter.

Take the warning given and let’s not cross the line.


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