RM 10000 Salary Not Enough ?

RM 10000 Salary Not Enough ?


Meh here I want to tell a little story, to open your eyes wide. You and your wife, if you have a combined salary of RM10,000 and live in Kuala Lumpur and have 2 small children, you are actually poor.

That ‘poor’ sound is a bit rough but this is the reality. Meh here I make a cost breakdown for you to digest in depth.


Ok, let’s say you live in an apartment or condo rental house, because this KL dock doesn’t mean you want to dock a landed house. The majority have to dock in high-rise buildings because they are cheaper. Rent a house in RM1,600. This price is quite standard, yes, the house is a normal house up to 850 sq ft. Not even a big house.

Other costs such as fire may be in the RM120 range because the house has air conditioning and a water heater. Then the water bill in RM30 is an easy story. This is also standard.

The house settled, now the car is back. If you dock in KL, you and your wife are both successful and need a car to go to work every day. So, let’s say you use a Proton Persona Premium, the months you pay in RM580, your wife also uses Axia because people like to be small, pay in RM380 every month. So the car is already RM960.

I already have a car, I have to spend on oil. You have to drive 45KM to go back to work every day, this is the standard. Bini engkau pulak may work a little closer, in 20KM je go back. So, your Persona 1.6 car is probably worth RM280 a month (every week you fill a full tank for RM70). Build you a little cheaper oil because the car is 1.0 je, so maybe RM150 a month is enough. So for oil, the total is RM430.

It’s just oil, this KL dock can be missed by toll. Here and there all the tolls. So you also spend in RM150 and your wife in RM100 a month. Toll or Touch & Go is already RM250.

Then don’t forget, parking has to be paid as well. The standard rate in KL if the Season Pass is available is RM150 per month. Both of these have to be paid, so the total parking is RM300.

Eh, you don’t want that salary, you want it all. At least you have to give a little to your parents every month. So you paid RM200, your wife also paid RM200. Other charities must also be done, for example zakat. We think it’s the easiest, I get 2.5% of the total salary of RM10,000, so zakat is RM250.

It doesn’t stop there. Other alms such as people’s food expenses, mosque donations every Friday prayers, etc. must also have a budget. Put this in RM150 a month for you and RM150 for your wife. Don’t worry, spend RM300, with good intentions, there will be rewards later.

Now, let’s talk about Wifi and other entertainment sources. If the wifi is only 30Mbps, it’s good, you don’t have to worry. So the worst is you go for 100 Mbps budget in RM140 a month if you use unifi. If you want to see the ball, you have to have Astro pulak, dump another RM100 every month, then Netflix has to have it too, luckily it’s cheap and you can share an account for RM18 a month. Movies and Series and covers, the ball is already covered, so you have to spend on Music as well. Subscribe to Spotify, amek yang Duo Account in RM20 monthly. Sadly, if you want to listen to music, you have to spend money.

Entertaining is entertaining too, work is work too, health doesn’t want to be pushed aside and you don’t know. Make sure the whole family gets protected. So, I need Takaful for 4 people. It’s easiest to calculate one person in RM150, so 4 people is RM600. This is the most basic, not even an expensive package. This one has to be there because we never know what’s gonna happen.

People now don’t have time to drink water like all this. The age is modern so you have to install Cuckoo or Coway. Easy, the water has been filtered, clean, then cold water, hot water, boiled water, all free flow. Ameklah the cheapest package in RM70 a month. Want to be a little fancy, add an Air Purifier and then you can breathe clean and fresh air, so pay RM70 every month.

The cost that you have to bear is huge, thousands of riban. But did you notice, this is not yet included in the children’s cost. Haaa, this is the scariest actually. Average 1 child in RM1,000 a month but let’s not go there. Meh here I break down each cost in more detail. This is my story for 2 small children. Less children, less cost, more children, more cost. See below:

– Pampers lima kampit = RM180
– Milk average 8 tin = RM550
– Taska / Playschool = RM900
– Other requirements = RM200

So the total cost for 2 small children is about RM1,830. Your mother. This is the standard, it doesn’t have anything fancy. Everything is a necessity every month.

The child has settled, now it’s a story about eating pulak. This one is scary, ladies and gentlemen. If you and your wife both work, then there is no time to cook at home on weekdays. Cooking is also possible once in a while. The majority of people will indeed buy a pack or eat out. The cost of my meal is broken down below:

– Necessities / Groceries = RM500
– Dining out = RM700
– Eat when you go to work = RM250
– Eating for your wife to go to work = RM250

Total food allowance / food needs per month = RM1,700.

Eh, life has to have recreation or leisure as well as friends. I don’t want to be stuck in the house. Must have to go out a little on the streets, watch a little movie, play badminton, futsal, field football, eat a little delicious food, go to the park a little to spend time with family, and so on. This all takes money. Believe me when I say, once you go out with your family, spending RM100 is standard. Ye lah, you will spend to eat, that’s how much, then I want to buy more water because I’m thirsty, I want to spend for a ticket, for the entrance, that’s it. So for this recreation budget, put it in RM500 a month.

What other costs have you not spent?

Postpaid plan. This one is another person’s cost. It’s like I use UMobile for RM75 for months. This is regular postpaid. But I see now that many people use iPhones because they want to follow the trend, they are willing to accept plans from Maxis or Celcom, averaging RM250 a month, for phones and also postpaid plans. So if you and your wife both have a postpaid iPhone plan, you have to pay RM500 a month. Is it expensive? This is all standard, yes, as far as using the iPhone, it’s a normal thing. Lots of people use iPhones. It has become a normal lifestyle.

How many thousand have you spent? Don’t forget to allocate some money for other costs as well, such as:
– cut hair
– wash the car
– ‘me time’
– others

Yang ni boh jela dalam RM150.

The costs that I wrote above are all nothing fancy. This is all for survival every month that is enough to eat. Let’s see what the total cost is for all:

Rent – RM1,600
Fire – RM120
Air – RM30
Car – RM960
Oil – RM430
Touch & Go – RM250
Parking – RM300
Mom Dad – RM400
Zakat – RM250
Alms – RM300
Wifi – RM140
Astro – RM100
Netflix – RM18
Spotify – RM20
Takaful – RM600
Cuckoo – RM140
Children – RM1,830
Meals – RM1,700
Recreation – RM500
Postpaid – RM500
Others – RM150

TOTAL = RM10,338

Haaa your mother! A salary of RM10,000 is not enough! Ready for another negative cash flow.

But but, some might argue that the above kat costs may be kind of over stretched a bit in a few areas.

Ok takpe takpe, meh here we push a little here and there to give a more realistic picture, so to speak.


Maybe for a house, you live in a flat, pay RM900 a month, the house doesn’t have air conditioning, there’s no water heater, so save a little on the fire bill.

Your car does not use Persona but uses Saga Premium, so pay in RM450 a month. Pay RM450 for a cheap car, how can you want it to be cheap? This 1.3 car has a little less oil, maybe only RM240 a month.

After that, maybe your wife’s office is close to home. So don’t bother paying tolls like all that. So you can save a little on tolls and fuel.

Oh, you don’t need Astro? Ok minus another RM100. Spotify doesn’t even bother, I want to listen to your song, go to YouTube and serve all the ads. Or you use the old skool way: turn on the radio.

Takaful pulak, you think it’s enough if the company has covered for you and your wife. So you amek takaful for two children, pay RM300 a month.

Cuckoo is not necessary, you prefer to boil water until it boils, it is safer and more secure, he said. Air purifier? It’s nonsense again. So save RM140 a month here.

For children, you can cut as much as you can. Maybe the expense for two children is only RM1,600.

Eating may not be fancy, or if there is time you try to cook to save more costs. So subtract another RM200. Recreation is a bit je, as far as taking the children to go to the lake je kot. You’re the type who doesn’t play football, doesn’t play badminton, prefers family time at home. So for recreation you allocate RM300. It’s ok, isn’t it.

Then let’s say you and your wife don’t even use an iPhone, pay postpaid for months in RM150 instead of RM500 above.

So, what is the latest cost for this second situation?

Rent – RM900
Fire – RM80
Air – RM30
Car – RM830
Oil – RM390
Touch & Go – RM180
Parking – RM300
Mom Dad – RM300
Zakat – RM200
Alms – RM200
Wifi – RM140
Netflix – RM18
Takaful – RM300
Children – RM1,600
Meals – RM1,400
Recreation – RM300
Postpaid – RM150
Others – RM150

After pushing here and there a little, your total cost is still RM7,468!

You see, sad crazy weh.

Here you are sitting in a flat, there is no security, no elevator, if your house is on the 4th floor, you step up the stairs many times with your wife’s children. Use local cars, as far as Saga and Axia. Both are Segment A cars or Entry Level Cars. The most basic car in the Malaysian market, in terms of safety, there are only 2 Air Bags. That’s what you thought, you have to have atleast RM7,500 a month.

Even though there were a lot of people outside the condo dock, then all the cars didn’t want to give up on Honda City, Toyota Vios, Honda Civic. Well, City and Vios want you to pay RM850 a month. The Civic doesn’t need to be said, at least there should be RM1,000 – RM1,300. But ramaaaaaiiiiii very people wear.

When you look at this, the fear is great. That is, every family in KL must have the worst RM7,500 a month, that’s your lifestyle. Sit flat, wear the most basic car, and all sorts of other things that are lacking. Nothing great.

Whichever one has a combined salary of RM10,000, there is still enough to eat, just be able to sit at home a little nicely and eat a little delicious food. But so far it’s clear. What else can you get? I don’t want anything.

So now the cost of raw materials is going up. Chicken vegetables seem to all go up in price. So I don’t know what the cost of food will be in the future. Even now it’s expensive to make ends meet.

It’s crazy to live nowadays, all the things you have to spend and all the expensive things, even the most basic and standard ones.

You can imagine, these costs are all MANDATORY costs that every family MUST HAVE and MUST SPEND every month. This is just the cost to survive eating and drinking taw. And I want to emphasize again, these are all STANDARD costs and directly NOT FANCY.

That also has to be RM7,500? Crazy right, his head is hot. How many early 30s families have a combined salary of up to RM7,500? Not many. And even if you have RM7,500, you still can’t enjoy life and everything is juuuuuuuuuuuust enough for you to survive.

So you want to talk about savings? Indeed, to the sea.
Investment? ASB? You have to die first before you can invest in a coat.
So if there is an emergency, where do you get the money?
Children want to go to school, how?
You can’t even service a car if it’s like this style. Crazy.
Want to renew roadtax+insurance again? Dead.
Then came Hari Raya. What do you want to use for shopping?
Do you want to go back to the village on foot?
Family members went for a car party to Sabah to Perlis. What do you want to spend this money on?
Want to travel? You were stuck in your house until Abang Jamil passed away.
Shopping? Forget it.

So, that’s why ramaaaaaaaaaiiii is a person who lives paycheck to paycheck. At the beginning of the month, I get a salary, in the middle of the month, I’m a crazy pig. If you want to save directly, you can’t because the cost to survive for months is already high, 7 petals in the sky. That’s why ramaaaaaaiiii so many people are in debt here and there because let’s face it, we really can’t afford to spend less. Seriously can’t afford it.

That’s why ramaaaaaaaaaiiii so many people have credit card debt. After that, if you don’t have a credit card, your father’s mother wants to help you? But when you have a credit card, you add a commitment to pay credit card debt every month. The problem will not be solved, you are more and more arrogant!

This is not a Personal Loan chat yet. Which is again evil to die interest soaring high. But what options do we have?

Everything is done on the basis of MUST and the majority of us have NO other CHOICE to survive.

That’s why I don’t understand when I see people who use expensive cars, eat at hipster cafes every week, walk and travel here and there, buy expensive iPhones or phones, then WhatsApp doesn’t reply, buy it every month. this, spend lavishly on things etc etc.

For us, that thing is all normal because that’s the lifestyle of today. And social media also plays a role in encouraging us to ‘look good’ in the eyes of the public. Understand, everything has to look the best. In social media, everyone looks like they are doing good and have figured out life as we know it. But the truth is, it is farrr farrrr from that. People’s cars are visible, people’s lifestyles are visible, people’s debts are visible brooo.

As the saying goes, “Let the original papa be stylish.”


That’s crazy. I who wrote this status was surprised when I saw this calculation. But this is the reality of living in KL, or more accurately, living in this day and age. I can’t do anything, I have to face it.

Things like these swing bowl politicians aren’t even visible. The minimum wage is still RM1,200? It’s a shame that you are all gods.

Persevere moms and dads, friends, or anyone who struggles every day to make ends meet. Our struggle will never end. I pray that our affairs will be simplified. Fighting!

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