Rogent Teng Problem

Rogent Teng Problem

Rogent Teng Problem ? Hello everyone, please share this post and make it viral we need your help, thank you !This is my cousin Rogent Teng. She is born in sabah and grew up in Sabah and has a biological Malaysian father which is my uncle.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a Malaysian ID

She and my uncle have been asking for helps for many years, went to many government departments, and paid a lot of money to those who gave them hope. Until today, my cousin has been facing a medical issue, she is only 24 years old but unfortunately she is diagnosed with cancer now. She is not allowed and qualified to pay for the local Malaysian medical fees, because she does not have a Malaysian ID.

I can’t imagine if I’m born and grew up with a biological Malaysian father but I’m not capable to apply for a Malaysian ID! This law is ridiculous! And heartless! I’m not here to talk about politics but I want justice for my cousin!So please everyone! I hope you press the share button to share this out, because you are not only helping my cousin, but also helping those who are facing the same problem. Rogent Teng Problem

Sabah IC, the solution against “mother of all threats”

KOTA KINABALU, September 17, 2020: Gee Tien Siong believes that Sabah IC can effectively solve the perennial problem of fake and dubious Mykads in Sabah.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Vice President Gee Tien Siong who is contesting under the Perikatan Nasional ticket, said an ad hoc committee can be set up on Sabah IC so as to filter fake and dubious MyKads.

Gee was in Lido Square today to meet with the people of the area. He was met with cheering voices of encouragement which he did not expect in the walkabout.

An anonymous lady who met him related her problem of obtaining a citizenship. She has been living in Sabah legally for over 30 years and had applied many times for citizenship but unsuccessful. Presently, she is holding a red MyPR card (permanent residence status).

Gee said that this lady who has sufficient documents and qualified but not granted citizenship is regrettable.He also regretted that many illegal immigrants on the contrary had been granted citizenship through Dr M Projek IC program. He reiterated that Sabah IC should be implemented to cleanse the fake ICs and ICs obtained through dubious means.

Gee pledges to be close to the people if he is elected and willingness to take on the heavy responsibilities of an assemblyman to resolve the people’s livelihood problems. He has benefited from a lot of opinions given by the voters and he feels that livelihood problems of the people will not be difficult to resolve if better communication and rapport between the authorities and the people are realized.

robert teng problem


KOTA KINABALU: A former Sabah Chief Minister is hopeful that the issuance of Sabah identity card (IC) will take place the earliest by next year.Datuk Yong Teck Lee said he would push the motion during the state assembly sitting at the end of this month.

“It is no longer a request to the federal government, we have gone beyond that and I have talked about it for the past 10 years.”We Sabahans must take the initiative. Sabah legislation has to pass and create an Enactment and department to issue Sabah IC,” he said, adding the federal government has no jurisdiction over the IC issuance as long as Sabah does not grant or revoke citizenships.

The Sabah Progressive Party president was speaking in an online forum by Sabah Way Forward in cooperation with Kupi-Kupi FM Forum titled “Do We Need Sabah IC?” Another panel member in the 75-minute session was Parti Warisan Sabah deputy president Datuk Darell Leiking.

Yong added that the Sabah IC is essential as the issuance of Mykad has been compromised with non-citizens obtaining it illegally while some did not even realise that their documents were fake.
He said when the state legislative assembly passes the motion, a technical committee would study the proposals and draw up the necessary law.

The Sabah Registration Department will be formed to oversee the processes from the appointment of a director-general, assistant directors and officers at the district level, among others, he said. Yong said that it was inevitable that there would be an element of abuse in the issuance of Sabah IC, but he said by appointing independent panels and using high-technology applications for the identity cards, it would hopefully minimise the risks.

On whether the Sabah IC would solve the problem of illegal immigrants in the state, Darell said the matter has to be resolved by the federal government via the enforcement agencies.
“(The influx) of illegal immigrants cannot be solved by Sabah IC. Enforcement is important in terms of arrests and the process of protecting our borders.

“Right now, we always mention that entering Sabah is not even being taken cared of by the federal government, as you can see illegal immigrants entering via rat routes and other illegal means until now,” he said, adding that the issuance of the Sabah IC would, for starters, clear doubts involving dubious MyKad holders.

For stateless people who have been staying in Sabah for decades, Darell said Sabah has to discuss with the federal government for the necessary solution.The Penampang MP and Moyog state assemblyman said stateless people were different from illegal immigrants as the former was born in Sabah.

“But I think Indonesia has found a way out by schooling the stateless people, I know some Indonesian schools (in Sabah), students that are performing well will be taken back to their country.” Rogent Teng Problem

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