Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Start With Small Capital, Don’t Risk Your Money

Don’t risk getting started with big capital. The point of starting here is to start from nothing and without any infraction.

Do not fully understand marketing. Do not understand clearly about sales. And have never been in business or have never been successful in business.

It’s not a waste of direct capital, but don’t spend a lot of money on things that don’t help bring in sales.

For example, renovate the store up to tens of thousands, while we are just getting started. The capital for marketing is gone, and the round capital for business is also shrinking.

Another example would be to buy tens of thousands of product stocks, and expect us to be able to sell everything without spending a huge marketing fee.

No problem for the old, the past and the success. Their knowledge is strong and their knowledge is extensive.

For starters, don’t take risks. Learn to sell with minimal capital. Existing capital, use it first to attract customers.

In order for customers to come to us, use the available capital for marketing. Marketing will bring prospects, and sales will happen.

Although there are no customers in the beginning, but continuous marketing will certainly bring about sales as opposed to no direct marketing.

In the beginning, there is no result because people do not have trust. We will clearly understand this, once we understand the sales funnel.

Again, we’re just getting started, and aren’t good at many things yet. Of course the result is not there yet. But as we do and do, our understanding will become clearer about marketing and sales.

Did something start with minimal capital?

There are many. Offline exists. It’s online too. Just look for it, I’ll see you later. Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t be so quick to get rich. Learn the basics first. Start from the bottom, so we can understand the basics.

If you go online, learn by dropship. Learn how to do marketing. Learn how to close.

Just reading it is not enough. Have a try and do. It is clear that we need time for people to trust us, before they can give up their money to buy.

To save time, spend some money on paid marketing. Learn how to use paid methods, so that we do not have to lose, and can make more profit from paid marketing methods.

If we were to pay for paid marketing, why would anyone make a million dollars in the same way?

It’s not the wrong paid marketing. But those of us who do not study well enough to achieve the same.

When it comes to learning, let’s not go straight to level 6. We’re not good at reading. Let’s start with the first degree. Identify numbers and letters first. Learn to read and read first.

Study one on one. Learn from the bottom. Getting started, having to start right. It starts with a minimal “risk”.

Try it with dropship first. No need to buy capital stock. No post work is necessary.

Just learn marketing, and learn how to close. These two disciplines are very important for the survival of the business.

To make it even more worthwhile, you also learn paid marketing. Find dropship that offers a huge profit margin. So that we can use some margin for paid marketing. God willing.

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