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Sugar Make You Fat Ning Baizura Tips For Lose Weight

What makes you fat? Sugar. It’s very simple. Sugar makes you fat. Your liver converts the sugar in everything you eat and drink into fat. The more sugar you consume, the fatter you get. When you stop consuming sugar, you lose the fat…..Sugar is ADDICTIVE… Sugar was my worst enemy. Are you addicted to sugar? (20 second test)


Do you ever need sugar as a pick-me-up? Perhaps a sweet snack/chocolate/cookie with your mid-morning coffee? A dessert after a meal? A sweet protein or dried fruit bar after your exercise? Do you struggle to walk past a sweet treat without taking just one?Are your favourite foods sweet rather than savoury?If you have a whole day without sugar, do you suffer mood swings, headaches or low energy? If you answered yes to just one of the above questions, you are addicted to sugar. Your use of sugar is not because you are weak-willed, a glutton, or have a personality defect. It is because you are addicted to a substance called fructose that is hidden in the food supply and has been fed to you for years. An addiction is an uncontrollable, compulsive behaviour, despite the health and social consequences.


Obesity or being overweight (19)Metabolic syndrome or type II diabetes (13,16,18)Heart and arterial disease, high blood pressure (17). Fructose immediately raises blood platelet stickiness and clotting.Tooth decayStrokeDepressed immune system. A hit of fructose and some other sugars causes a spike in your cortisol level. The effect is immediate, and lasts for about five hoursStress. The elevated cortisol described above makes you more prone to stressHot flushes and other symptoms of a difficult menopausePolycystic ovary syndromeErectile dysfunctionInfertilityGoutKidney diseaseDementia and Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxietyCancersFatty liver disease, cirrhosis, liver failureRapid agingPoor quality skinMineral depletion, causing a range of other seemingly unrelated health problems. POINT IS KNOW WHAT U EAT, KNOW WHAT U PUT IN YR BODY. DONT BE AFRAID TO CHANGE YR FOOD INTAKE LIKE I DID, AND STICK TO IT! We are our worst enemy most times… Say No To SUGAR”

source : ning baizura

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