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Sugar Weakens The Immune System

Sugar Weakens The Immune System

Sugar Weakens The Immune System. This season of epidemics, let’s have more nutrition for ourselves and our families. The foods below are not only dangerous because our bodies are inflamed, weak and sick. It also promotes body immunity.

Sugar weakens the Immune System

The 1970s study found that consuming 100g of sugar disrupted the functioning of the immune system. It is found that 40% of white blood cells do not effectively kill the germ.

Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling also found that humans need vitamin C to boost the immune system.

Unfortunately, sugar intake reduces the absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin C has to compete for absorption due to the high presence of sugars in foods and drinks.

Studies have also shown that excess sugar damages the digestive system … causes inflammation .. Disrupts the body’s immune system.

This is because the digestive system layers the body’s immune system. Most of the body’s immune cells kill the germs too in the digestive system.

Just one tablespoon of sugar is needed by the body at all times. If you want to strengthen the immune system, avoid consuming sugary drinks every time you eat.

Don’t give our kids candy and chocolate as a reward. Please be very concerned parents ..

You know, there is no box or canned drink at 7eleven or a “low sugar” family mart and worth the drink except plain water.

Try it for a week without food and sweet drinks. We will definitely feel the difference after this sweet “week”.

Don’t worry about hypoglycaemia if you have low sugar. Many of our foods actually contain hidden sugars. If your body is weak, short of breath, dizzy, you have too much sugar to stop sugar.

It’s actually a sign that we’re addicted to sugar.

Begin the process of strengthening the body’s immunity.

Insha Allah, our children are suffering from illness, fever and cough.

Allergies, inflammation, such as eczema, inflammation migraine headache will decrease. No doubt to me.The excess sugar brought the plague.

May God protect us all from the plague of plague and plague from the disruption of immunity. Ameen

Signs of high blood sugar

High blood sugar refers to the buildup of excess glucose in the bloodstream. When someone has diabetes, the body is unable to produce insulin well. Since insulin gets rids of extra blood sugar, having a lack of insulin will cause a spike in blood sugar level.
High blood sugar may be a sign of prediabetes or diabetes as well. It is always good to go for regular checkups and visit the doctor when you are feeling unwell.

Here are some signs you can look out for:
1. Fatigue
2. Frequent urination
3. Increased thirst
4. Headaches
5. Blurred vision
6. Nausea, vomiting, and confusion
7. Tingling feeling in hands and feet
8. Recurrent infections
9. Slow-healing wounds
10. Dental issues
If you are experiencing such symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention for your concerns.

As usual, a healthy lifestyle and diet can help to prevent long term diseases such as diabetes. Fucoidan has been known to prevent hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and increase insulin sensitivity. You can take fucoidan to prevent long term diseases and give your immune system a boost.

Fucoidan is able to suppress the rapid increase in blood sugar because of the slimy component. When fucoidan is taken with food, the sliminess will entangle with the sugar and fats, delaying the movement of the ingested food from the stomach to the small intestines. Therefore, it will decrease the amount of glucose absorbed by the small intestine, preventing the after-meal spike in blood sugar.

When blood sugar increases, the pancreas will produce insulin. In response to the spike in blood sugar, insulin will be produced and secreted in large amounts. If this state is continued for a long period, the sensitivity of the cells to insulin will decrease, causing the effectiveness of insulin to decrease as well. Fucoidan can prevent this issue from arising and allow insulin to take effect.

Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan is made from high-quality all-natural ingredients from Japan, tested to be safe and radiation-free. Take Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan as a daily supplement to protect your health without placing any undue burden on your body!

Sugar Reduce Pregnancy

Sugar is often referred to as ‘white poison’ and when you are trying to fall pregnant it is important to reduce your consumption of it, particularly the processed kind. Here is a great article on the ways in which sugar can affect your fertility.

Even if you aren’t trying to fall pregnant it is important to reduce your sugar intake as it really does us no favours.

I myself have always loved chocolate and I eat Pana chocolate instead as it doesn’t contain processed sugars and doesn’t spike your insulin levels plus it tastes delicious!

What is your favourite ‘healthy’ sugar snack alternative?

Child Obesity In Malaysia – The Second Highest In Asean

Did you know that child obesity in Malaysia is the second highest in ASEAN, after Brunei?

Obesity can affect a child’s health, well-being, how well they learn and their self-esteem so best to nip it in the bud ASAP!

Here are some top-tips you can share with the little person in your life (and for yourself!).

1️⃣ Eat more fruit and drink more water instead of having junk food & sugary drinks 🍊🍎🍉🥦

2️⃣ Always eat breakfast – for essential energy and to prevent over-eating later in the day 🍽

3️⃣ Say no to late night snacking – have a filling, healthy supper instead to avoid binging on unhealthy food at night.

because #ImSweetEnough Sugar Weakens The Immune System

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