Survival Vaccine Booster Malaysia

Survival Vaccine Booster Malaysia

Survival Vaccine Booster Malaysia. Indeed, what Kajjal did was to trigger the people to riot. Don’t riot because that’s also the point he wants to make Martial laws and anything that can be done to bother us. We can do this:

Survival Vaccine Booster Malaysia

1. Do not go take a booster dose even if called by name (for those who have completed 2 doses) just sit at home or anywhere while drinking coffee or sleep only when called.
2. Don’t take children to get vaccinated. Instead take the kids to the beach or any area they can relax
3. Boycott all government programs such as the Malaysian family launching ceremony
4. Boycott from contributing to any Covid fund launched by the government because later this money will also go into the pocket of the minister and will also be used to buy more vaccines
5. Withdraw the entire savings in the bank in stages until March 2022 (bank run) and wash your savings into gold, silver, food savings, livestock, crops. It is expected that there will be food shortages and bank crisis starting March 2022. At the same time also reduce the country’s reserves to buy vaccines.
6. Claim all tax exemptions/exemptions (if any). Don’t contribute.
7. Avoid unnecessary purchases so that the government cannot source from the SST tax which resources will be used to buy more vaccines
8. Avoid unnecessary travel and contributions to toll expenses and less necessary fuel expenses.


Omnicron is actually a blessing. It is not pathogenic (harmful) sprt Delta etc. It is very easy to spread, but the result is widespread natural immunization. 300-400% increase in infections worldwide including Britain, Germany, Israel etc. Mortality, adverse effects and hospital admissions are just under 3%.

Infection and the existence of dangerous variants such as Delta has dropped to only 2-3% remaining worldwide. With a high rate of group immunization (95% on average) the situation seems and is expected to get better for all of us.

According to immunity & virology expert, Prof Eleanor Riley University of Edinburgh “Once Omnicron is circulating in and out of the community (UK), then immunity will be at its highest level over a long period of time”

The probability for this virus to evolve to be more easily spread, to be able to overcome vaccine constraints, etc. is too impossible from the aspect of genetic science. Not at all impossible, but the chances are slim. And this is confirmed by a large number of scientists now.

This is also supported by the statement of Prof Azra Ghani – Epidemiologist Imperial Collage London “A new variant that can outcompete Omnicron and be more phatogenic is possible but it is not likely”

In conclusion, good news – it is expected that no more variations as bad as Delta etc before this may exist again after Omnicron. The virologist said, not uncle. Which means we’re on the verge of recovery at

The recovery that uncle means here is – it turns out to be just an endemic. Endemic means we can make expectations, control and have consistent data. Not now – chaos. For example, the endemic that we usually go through is malaria, dengue, tuberculosis etc.

Tomorrow this corpse is nothing but the common cold. Follow his expectations in another 4-5 months. But uncle doesn’t mean case = 0 yer. Gotta really understand this. It will always be there, there will always be but just ordinary things.

Uncle also didn’t say last time, you can do what you like. Maintain personal care, hygiene, wear a face mask. We don’t know what will happen in the future. Scientists are not God. We have to take care of us ok.

Chapter government policy & authorities here tk taulah camner.
No comment k.


Most people have heard of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Cardiac Arrest

Is it these three are synonyms with each other? Of course NO. These three have their own difference signs, and symptoms which you all should know and learn more.

Heart Attack is not the same thing as Cardiac Arrest. Heart Attack is caused by a circulation problem while Cardiac Arrest is caused by an electrical problem.

Heart Attack occurs when a blocked artery prevents blood from reaching a section of your heart. Symptoms may come on immediately however they may persist for hours, days or even weeks leading up to the actual heart attack.

It’s important to point out that men and women tend to experience heart attacks differently. (Source:

While Cardiac Arrest, is when the Heart does not stop beating during a heart attack which cause the heart to beat irregularly. If a victim of cardiac arrest does not receive urgent treatment, death can be occur in just minutes.

Next, Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked. This typically caused by a blood vessel that has burst or become clogged. Symptoms of a stroke may vary but often

Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrests and Strokes are entirely different conditions, they do share some similarities, particularly in terms of risk factors which is High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Smoking, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. These can all increase the likelihood of someone experiencing one or more of the events.

Source of Information :

In the diet there is no term of prohibition for drinking coffee

If you are a fan of coffee, please have a drink. Once a day or two is enough. My coffee habit is to take it in the morning or before a workout to boost a little energy. The caffien in coffee is quite helpful for energy during a workout.

One time. I really like coffee mixed with sugar and creamer. However, to save calories and sugar, I made plain coffee without sugar as an option. Even so. It doesn’t mean you have to follow me. Start in stages.

This thing will take practice instead of a day or two. But for years. If you want to save calories, you can use plain coffee without sugar or milk. If you choose to have a little milk or sugar, it’s okay. Other people’s tastes. The question is not to drink coffee mixed with milk sugar or not. But as often as you drink.

That’s right. If you are interested in coffee, you can try Expresso without sugar. Hihii. Is there a coffee ghost here? Want to make a delicious latte. Coffee + Milk. Ready. The ghost of coffee.

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