Thermomix TM6

Thermomix TM6

Thermomix TM6 is not a fairy tale. Last year’s PKP season as well, it went viral and everyone was “surprised” by the price. But when I watch the video of cooking by thermomix, my little heart hopes that one day I will have it.

And, month after month, many rumors arose. The price is expensive, cooking is slow. Got to buh one by one. Have to wait. Hit that and this. No need to buy, cook it yourself and it’s delicious. Cook yourself again quickly. Waste it later, buy it and don’t use it. It is so like this. That’s what Sally read the review of this thermomix article made the dream of owning it go away just like that.

Google Article Thermomix TM6
And… If Sally was given a thermomix tm6 by Mr. Hubby, it’s a loss not to explore. Love is absurd. Both husband and wife happy and excited crazy. With children we scale. Can bake together and be our toys in the kitchen. Spend time cooking together.

When I googled it, Sally just noticed that the one for this review was like this, it was a person who DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THERMOMIX. People watching the video. People who are good at talking but don’t have it anymore. Strange too. The person for this review should be the person who already exists. But the story is upside down with this thermomix. The ones who made a fuss for the review were people who did NOT BUY apparently. 100% who have fallen in love with this german aunt.

Meh Sally peeled one by one. This is a sincere review. Sally agrees the price is very GOOD. RM7000 for an expensive cooking machine for some people. Some more are OK. But for Sally herself, the price is a bit expensive. That is why the installment plan was introduced as low as RM300 per month. Which taste can afford, well worth buying. Worth it crazy.

Kitchen atmosphere
It changed the most. Every time I cook, I don’t use the kitchen very much. All in TM6 only. The kitchen is clean, uncluttered, tidy and clean. To cook in a dry kitchen is also very ok. No more splashes of sambal or oil on the kitchen wall and so on.

Pots are rarely used. The gas stove is very useless. For Sally’s bread, bake it in the oven or water fryer. Some people want to deep fry, if they don’t want to ON deep fryer, Sally fries in a pot on a gas stove. The shovel is almost not used directly. All use TM6 spatulas.

Blender? Sally has it in the closet.
Bread mixer? Congratulations on entering the box.
Steamer? This box has been discarded so it can be used to decorate the top of the cabinet. Maybe I want to make a useful yellow glutinous rice feast. Hihi.

Coffee Maker? Done save too.
Mixer? It’s useless too. Want to make biscuits, cakes, all in TM6.
Ice crusher for ABC, no need to use it.

So… all that has cleared up the area above my cabinet. Transfer into the store later, I want to bring it back for Suhada.

Food products
And .. a few days Sally with TM6, Sally found a lot of talismans and didn’t buy food. Because all recipes from raw to serve are basic ingredients.

No need to buy Nutella
No need to buy jam
No need to buy Breadcrumbs
No need to buy spaghetti sauce
No need to buy smart flour
No need to buy any kind of paste
No need to buy chili either
No need to buy any bread, NO
No need to buy other kinds of instant things.

Add a lot of flour at home. Haha
Meroti is the easiest and confirm so.

Thermomix TM6 recipe
All recipes are mostly bleh if so healty recipes. No seasoning. And can you look at the calories for those who want to go on a diet? I don’t want to diet anymore. wakakaa. I don’t want to google the recipe anymore. 77k ++ recipe dong… I can’t stop cooking.

Sally used to be crazy skeptical about this thermomix. Guess what kind of expensive thing is so expensive for him. As far as function he messed je. What is fried rice like right .. Hmmm once you .. Dishes that we have never made, if you confirm so and delicious. To taste. Most Sally was amazed about the weight. Really crazy, go in and keep weighing. It should be delicious. Because the material of all her content is accurate.

I understand his function, this thing is really WOW. Well worth the price he is. It feels like there are 2 units here. People say they don’t know, so they don’t love. Apparently TM6 is crazy love. A machine that isn’t just a mess.

“Sally can because terror is ripe”. That’s what a smoker said. Babe .. I want to tell you, with this thing Adelina can also cook. It’s really fun. Press press next jer and so. You follow his instructions. Suh close the container, you close. Press next. Then go in the onion, you go in the onion. Don’t wash the onions, you’re in turmeric. I don’t know the ingredients in this kitchen because I can’t help it. But still you can gugel first, “onion”, look at the picture of what kind of onion, there is no onion in your kitchen, then put it in. Haaa gitu.

Most Sally feels awesome crazy about whipping. Sally is indeed a crazy file about bread. If you make bread, you’re ready, you can throw the dog to death. Until that day Sally talked to her hubby about the bread class. But now, the bread chef is at the guys’ house. Confirm so and crazy fluffy. CONFIRM SO YOU KNOW. You follow his instructions. About the bread Sally was the happiest.

Kala u u ols noticed, Sally’s menu is Thai food, Kelantan food, my cakes are not very good actually. Now, one world cuisine can make a babe. Indian food yesterday was indeed seriously flown specially from Jaipur. Sedap gilaaaaa. Continue to be a master chef without competing wei.

Use Time Thermomix TM6
This is very important. A lot of the time Sally could benefit from other things. Cooking is not pressure. Buh2 is. Wait for instructions. Meanwhile, I can do other work. Baking actually takes less than 15 minutes. Those who eat for a long time want to marinate. Buh je ingredients, ready to knead all the dough, marinate it there. Korang gi le for other work. Don’t wait there for 2 hours

And weiii .. if you want to sell it is recommended. Because the recipe is already seriously delicious. It’s not that you’re not good at cooking but you have the heart to sell. People eat green bleh vomit. I heard my SIL has a friend who sells laksa johor cooked using a thermomix. Crazy sales. Later we try the laksa johor thermomix recipe yes.

And again weiii .. alamak, a lot of people really want to tell because it’s the best .. hahaa. She has self cleaning. She cooked for us, she washed herself. Wash yourself and we rinse a little. Wipe dry. Haaa gitu.

When happiness peaks when the children eat say… “Delicious mama.” “Perfect” and no more wasted food. All slippery. Again, if you make bread. Amina YangYang likes roti canai the most. 2 seeds can be used up. The cold bread was soft again guys.

Now .. tell me what you want to cook? Ice cream? ABC? Cake? Bread? If you want Lollipop, mama can make it using TM6, you know ..

Sally highly recommend you have one. This is well worth it even if you pay in 24 month installments. RM300 a month is the money to buy your hijab/shirt. Which is RM10 a day babe. If you eat out, buy it, it’s time to go out even more than that. Ewahhh.

Themomix TM6 price
Let’s get one. This review is sincere and there are no elements that haunt anything. It’s really the best gilaaaa. Well worth the price.

The price is RM7188
Now promo RM6988

Can pay Full Payment and can pay installments.

Installment, with only RM291.20 a month you can get a thermomix. Not even RM10 a day. I can cook all kinds of ok.

Installment has 2 options:
1) You can have a credit card for up to 24 months.
2) Use a debit card but have to deposit RM2988. Installments up to 18 months.

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