Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Time For Bed Application

Well, these apps are suitable for control of children who have phone feet and can monitor the activity of using their phone

With these apps, OUR CHILDREN:

❌ Download whatever you want and must ask permission from the parent who has to enter the password that the parent created.

❌ Children will not be able to access their own mobile phone until late at night until sleep without parental knowledge, so we can set their daily usage limit ..

❌ children can play the game according to the schedule We set only, when enough time expires, the phone will autolock the game

❌ Access any website without our knowledge ..

Apps name

✅ FAMILY LINK (to install in parent’s phone)
✅ FAMILY LINK FOR CHILDREN & TEENAGER (to install on a child’s phone)

Must have google acc for parents & children.

It’s easy, follow the steps in the apps …

It is not 100% CONTROL, but we monitor the activities in our children’s phones …

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