Tips To Approve A Bank Personal Loan In Malaysia

Tips To Approve A Bank Personal Loan In Malaysia

Tips To Approve A Bank Personal Loan In Malaysia


Before you start applying for a loan, first check the condition of your financial records. The first thing the bank will look at is the financial record of the person applying for the loan.

If you have a bad repayment record, for example you are often late to make credit card payments, the bank will not approve your loan application.

A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from customers, and those deposits will then be used to provide loans such as personal loans, housing loans and loans for cars.

The bank will then charge for the loan. Borrowers who have a poor repayment record are more likely to continue their behavior.

So, this is one of the reasons why you need to make sure your financial records are in good condition as it will help you when you want to apply for a loan or any other application at the bank.

If you have a bad financial record, take the time to improve that record before you apply for a loan. It’s better than going through the loan application process then being turned down because you already know you have a bad financial record.

Bank Negara has a Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) which collects all loan credit information from banks in Malaysia and then prepares the credit report provided to the bank. You can also get this report to see your credit standing. You need to come to Bank Negara to get your CCRIS report.

There is another credit report that you should look at as well which is CTOS. The bank will also check the applicant’s CTOS credit report before deciding to approve or reject the application. You can get a CTOS credit report from MyCTOS.


Before you apply for a loan, make sure you have started to be disciplined by paying off all your financial commitments like car loan or repayment of your credit card on time.

Start this attitude at least 6 months before you apply for a loan, but the sooner you start the better. Remember, even if you have no intention of applying for a loan in the near term, paying off all your financial commitments early is a good attitude. It will help increase your chances when you apply at the bank.

Your disciplined attitude in repaying this will also determine how your financial records will fare later. This is because if you are often late or worse, not making payments for your other financial commitments this will show up on your financial records.

The bank will then reject your application for seeing your poor payment pattern. So remember, you need to be disciplined if you want an application approved!


As a general rule, most banks will only approve your loan application if it does not exceed 30% of your existing financial commitment. For personal loans, the bank will give you 2 or 3 times your salary. In order not to waste time, calculate how much your financial commitment is and look at the terms and conditions of the bank loan before you apply for a loan.

Some individuals forget or underestimate to see the terms and conditions. Make sure you check the minimum salary limit, age and also the loan limit that will be given by the bank before starting your application. This will help you make sure you are eligible or not and don’t waste your time applying just for the application to be rejected because you are not eligible and you can actually find out this if you look at the terms and conditions listed.


Some banks refuse to approve loan applications for individuals who do not have credit records. This means individuals who do not have any financial commitments such as car loans, housing loans or credit cards.

Such individuals do not have any credit records, so the bank cannot see or tamper with their payment patterns. So, before you apply for a loan you are recommended to start a credit record as it will increase the chances of your loan application being approved.

You can start a credit record by getting a basic credit card and use it to pay for your daily purchases. You can then take advantage of that credit card to get rebates, cashback and discounts. But, remember you need to make payments for your credit card with discipline, don’t pay your credit card late anyway!

Confused how and where to get a basic credit card? You can compare the best basic credit cards in Malaysia for free through CompareHero.

Lastly, try to put yourself in the place of the bank. That way, you can evaluate yourself through the way the bank will evaluate you. This method can also help you to move smarter before you apply for a loan from the bank.

Banks have different processes and systems when processing the applications they receive. But, if you follow the tips given above, you can increase the chances of your loan application being approved.

How To Improve Score In Bank Rating?

PLEASE LA there is at least 1 credit card.
In general, one of the criteria for a bank not to approve a loan is HOW MUCH PERCENT of credit card usage AGAINST/AGAINST total card limit
For example cust A has 1 credit card with a limit of 10,000. He has used 8,000 so his total usage is 8,000/10,000 which is 80%

For those who have more than 1 credit card then the same formula is used only the total usage for the banks will be mixed and opposed with the total limit of all banks. For example cust B has 3 credit cards limit 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000. And cust B uses 5,000, 15,000 and 20,000 for the above card. So the count is 40,000 (use) divided by 60,000 (total limit of 3 banks). So his effort is 40,000/60,000 = 66.67%

For loan approval percentage info if the customer hits the credit card tier as below:
90% usage and above => 85% declined
61% – 89% usage => high for declined but there is discretion/deviation
50% – 60% usage = higher chance of approval
31% – 49% usage = chance of approval is super high
0% – 29% usage = approval rate above 98% (the remaining 2% if the banker is in a bad mood, technical error, the wrong banker does not have the amount, or the new banker has to arrive with a kidding boss)

So refer to the ccris example given, in 32k versus 180k it falls within 18%. Sbb tu kategori mcm ni apply loan apa2 pon terus fikir berapa nak kena bayar sbb dah tau awal2 mmg akan approve punya
Hopefully useful and diligent to use cc and know cc manipulation techniques

Disclaimer: examples and ratio rates for the above Approval are given after taking into account other basic factors that have passed/hit such as basic scoring, commitment, DSR, employment details etc.

So apply this method and technique. Where ever nng want to apply loan for emergency to Apa. Where ever there is an urgent need for a loan to spend more money skit right then apply the abam share technique. kot2 la lepas ni loan lulus nak jadi master stokis/stokis/mini stokis Goat2Glow ke? ⁇

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