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Update Treatment Guideline Covid19

Update Treatment Guideline Covid19

Important: just out, update treatment guideline  COVID19.

Goverment Problem ?

Do not be frightened of this virus. It represents a serious heath threat almost exclusively to those towards the end of their lives (because of advanced age & pre-existing illnesses).
It’s the most treatable respiratory viral illness ever.
That your government has suppressed this information is murder. They did it knowing it’s effects.

The most frightening aspect of this ‘crisis’ is governments tyrannical responses & their idiotic & ever changing ‘advice’.
It’s not advice, though, if it?
Not when you can be arrested & fined for going against illogical & unproven ‘measures’.
I urge you to state publicly “I am no longer comfortable with what’s going on. I’m questioning what the dickens is going on. Why are voices who also dispute Govts position almost always immediately smeared & censored. Something bad is happening & I’m scared”.

You do that and many people, grateful for your courageous lead, will follow with doubts if their own.

Do this often enough & govt will stop stripping us of out rights.

Remain quiet & the end of free humanity is imminent.

Best wishes
Dr Mike Yeadon

Pregnant Women Got Vaccine ?

Not enough pregnant people are vaccinated. Not even close.

The CDC published a study last week breaking down the numbers. Scientists used data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database, which is basically a network of hospitals in 8 states (CA, OR, WA, CO, GA, MN, WI, and MA).

From December 14 to May 8, 135,968 pregnant people were seen at the VSD hospitals. Among these people, only 16.3% had received at least one dose of the vaccine; 11.1% were full vaccinated.

(Notice that the 8 states participating in VSD are also some of the highest vaccinated states overall. So, 16.3% is likely an overestimate of the “true” rate of vaccinated pregnant people in the United States. Which is, obviously, not good.)

***Who is the least likely to be vaccinated?***
-Pregnant people aged 18-24 years, as only 5.5% received a vaccine (compared to 16.2% among those aged 25-34 and 22.7% among those aged 35+)
-Non-Hispanic Black pregnant people (only 6% were vaccinated) and Hispanic pregnant people (only 11.9% were vaccinated; compared to 24.7% of Asians and 19.7% of Whites)

***Why do we care?***
Pregnant people (and unborn babies) are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 disease. By now this is well-established, as there have been 42+ studies on this topic thus far. Pregnant people with COVID-19 disease are…

…more likely to go to the ICU, need ventilation, and/or need oxygen compared to non-pregnant (here)

…more likely to have preeclampsia (here)

…more likely to die from COVID19 (here, here)

…more likely to have babies born preterm (here) or stillborn (here)

…more likely to have their babies admitted to the neonatal unit (here)

***And we know vaccines are safe during pregnancy.***
Pregnant people were deliberately excluded in the first round of COVID19 vaccine clinical trials. This is normal practice. However, as of June 14, 124,597 pregnant people had received the vaccine. The CDC is currently following 5,102 of them. (If you’re pregnant, vaccinated, and want to participate in the ongoing study go HERE). Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published, for the first time, some results of this CDC cohort.

What did they find? No unexpected pregnancy or infant outcomes have been observed related to COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy. Specifically, among the 3,958 participants, they found:
-28% received their vaccine in the 1st trimester, 42% in the 2nd, and 26% in the 3rd
-0.3% breakthrough infections occurred (or 12 people got COVID19 after being fully vaccinated; this is about the same rate as in the general population)
-827 completed pregnancy:
—712 (86.1%) resulted in a live birth
—115 (13.9%) resulted in a pregnancy loss
-Pregnancy loss, preterm birth, babies size, congenital problems, and death was not different among those with the vaccine compared to the background rate.

***Vaccines protect the babies (once they’re born) too!***
If a pregnant person gets vaccinated, there is mounting scientific evidence showing that babies get protection too. Both through antibodies crossing the placenta (here, here, here, here, here, here, here) and breastmilk (here, here, here).

I had a baby in October 2020 and am still very bummed I couldn’t get vaccinated while I was pregnant. If I did, she would have had some sort of protection right now (instead of having to wait until 2022 for the vaccine).

***And, yes, you still need the vaccine even if you’ve already recovered from COVID-19 (before or during pregnancy).***
There are four main reasons, which you can read more about here. The same reasons apply for pregnant people.

***Bottom Line:***
1. If you’re pregnant, get the vaccine. It’s good for you. And, if that’s not a good enough reason, it’s good for the baby.
2. We (as clinicians and public health officials and journalists and family members and neighbors) need to improve outreach and engagement with pregnant people. We need to get this vaccine rate up fast! And we all have a role to play.

Here is a 1-pager I threw together that can help guide you through the tough conversations. As always, if you’re a paying subscriber, reply to this email and I can send you a PDF.

Love, YLE

For all the embedded links (i.e. data sources) and more graphs, go to my newsletter here:

Sinovac Vaccine & Efficacy against Delta variant ?

Disclaimer ▶️ This is based on Current Evidence Based research & would depend on what Vaccine is available in your country & new data which is being rolled out

‼️I have been receiving a lot of questions & queries about Sinovac, especially lately since the Malaysian government has stopped procurement of Sinovac since they were able to procure other vaccines like Pfizer,Sinopharm & J&J

👉🏼I got my Sinovac Vaccine does this mean I’m not protected?
👉🏼Do I need a booster after 2 doses ?
👉🏼Why isn’t our government mixing vaccines like in other countries?
👉🏼What about the efficacy against variants like DELTA?

So let’s start by HIGHLIGHTING all vaccines are not 100% , The AIM of Vaccination again is to ✅REDUCE DEATH ,

1. 👉🏼I got my Sinovac Vaccine does this mean I’m not protected
🩺 You are very much protected 2 weeks after your 2nd dose { 51% against symptomatic infections, 100% against Severe Covid & hospitalisation – Based on a large phase 3 study Brazil: Source @who }

🩺 Hence why it is extremely important to get both doses of vaccine & you are not fully protected after the 1st

🩺 Chile has one of the highest vaccination rates & Sinovac was widely given – but the country did report they allowed people mixing after just the 1st Dose & relaxed their public health measures ▶️ Hence why you still need to follow the health measures after Vaccinated to protect those at RISK & not vaccinated

2.👉🏼Do I need a booster after 2 doses ?
🩺 Well again more studies are being carried out especially against variants. Ultimately most types of vaccine may require booter jabs especially as new variants emerge . The virus is very clever & forms variants fast in order to survive.
▶️Some countries have not even given out 1 dose of vaccine & hence why WHO is recommending to ensure everyone worldwide is VACCINATED to ensure adequate supply of vaccine
▶️ Eg of booster would be like a Flu jab or Influenza Vaccine, which is given yearly Based on the circulating variants….


3.👉🏼Why isn’t our government mixing vaccines like in other countries
🩺 There has not been enough data on this in large trials hence we need to wait for this & why our government is not advising at the moment

🩺 Some countries are doing this because they hadn’t rolled out their vaccination fast enough & they cannot cope with the latest Variants of the SARS-COV2 , there is also a question on the amount & type of vaccine they were able to procure.

4. 👉🏼What about the efficacy against variants like DELTA?
🩺 Again this has very limited data however from report from Guagdong China of a DELTA variant infections in May 2021 of 146 people ,was dealt with Public Health measures & mass vaccinations which after June 22nd had no more domestic transmissions.
🩺 Data from countries again with high vaccination rates like Chile show decreasing cases & platueing deaths.

✅So to summarise Sinovac is used in many Asian & South American countries, however there isn’t enough DATA about Sinovac & the delta variant.

✅Malaysia surpasses all these other Asian countries in vaccine administration .What we have seen from majority of countries with high vaccine uptake are with FULLY VACCINATED population, the severity of COVID19 infections decrease & most important prevents hospitalisation & death

✅So get VACCINATED FULLY with whichever vaccine approved by WHO and your local government procurement. Always maintain the health policy advice of the government until EVERYONE is fully vaccinated 👊

Also REMEMBER always refer to proper sources or health officials like World Health Organization (WHO) JKJAV Our World in Data NEJM Journal Watch Khairy Jamaluddin

Dr Sangeetha Siniah
Paediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology Fellow

#sinovac #covidvacccination

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