Vaccine Detox

Vaccine Detox

Vaccine Detox. 5 reasons you need a heavy metal detox with TRS

1.) You or someone you know has ever received a vaccine
You can’t detox from vaccines so don’t fall for “vaccine detoxes.” But you can detox from the heavy metals like mercury and aluminum in vaccines which bind to neurological tissue and cause a lot of problems.
If vaccines don’t cause neurological issues like autism and down the road things like Alzheimer’s and dementia then why do their brains contain massive amounts of aluminum? And why do people and children in particular see improvements once these metals are detoxed out? If it was genetic detoxing wouldn’t help!

2.) You are (and you should be) concerned about chemtrails
Chemtrails or geoengineering contain a plethora of toxic metals like aluminum, arsenic, barium (which destroys the immune system), cadmium, lead, mercury, thallium, strontium, thorium….all of which TRS can easily remove.

3.) You have contaminated water
Lead and arsenic are common in people’s water which is why you should have it tested and have the proper filter on your water. These metals accumulate very easy inside the body and can wreak havoc.

4.) You have or had amalgam (mercury) fillings
These fillings are full of mercury that slowly leeches into the body. Mercury toxicity is extremely common for anyone who has these. Signs would be brain fog, memory issues, lethargy, tremors, irritability, lack of coordination, vision problems, etc. Most detox protocols will not be safe for someone with amalgams but TRS doesn’t ever redistribute the toxins that bind to it so this makes it a safe and must have for anyone with amalgams.

5.) You suspect you have parasites or candida
While parasite and candida specific cleanses will be helpful down the road you have little chance concurring either without a heavy metal detox first. Why? Parasites and candida use heavy metals to disable and hide from the immune system. They will also coat themselves in heavy metals to further hide from the immune system.

Heavy Metals Detox

It has been my experience that heavy metals are the underlying cause of Candida and Parasite infections and you can’t get rid of chronic candida or parasites if you have heavy metal toxicity. Parasitic infestations are more common than we realize. Candida and heavy metals create acidity and an anaerobic (lacking oxygen) environment they thrive in.

One reason for why candida and parasites takeover in the presence of heavy metal toxicity is that these infections actually serves a purpose to protect us from cellular damage and potentially fatal complications of heavy metal poisoning. So from this perspective candida and parasites are actually our friends, and although they cause a whole host of annoying symptoms they are actually the lesser of two evils in this sense. Without them we may die from heavy metal poisoning.

Candida and parasites actually feed on heavy metals, along with sugar and store them within biofilms or within their own organism. When people kill candida with anti-fungals, the die off symptoms that are experienced are partly the result of the release of heavy metals into the body which overwhelms the liver and cannot be excreted fast enough. This is why detoxing heavy metals first or along with killing candida and parasites is imperative. If you do not you risk releasing a lot of toxic metals redistributing throughout the body.

According to the research around 80% of people who suffer from symptoms of Candida show elevated Mercury levels in their body. The growth of the fungus is the body‘s immune response to Mercury poisoning because the fungi connect with the heavy metal therefore providing a safe storage. Candida is an immune response to heavy metal poisoning, especially mercury. It absorbs its weight in mercury and prevents it from entering your bloodstream. As long as the mercury is there, you will have a candida problem.

TRS is also used in preparations for humans to help with fungal infections. When parasites die off the heavy metals are released which can cause a fungal overgrowth as well as impair the immune system, which gives their offspring a greater change to reproduce.TRS does not accumulate in the body and does not attach itself to body tissues. It remains suspended while drawing out heavy metals that are attached to body tissues. This process allows the body to dispose of the metals through its normal detoxification processes. It reduces any die-off symptoms caused by the mycotoxins that candida can produce. It raises intestinal ph restoring the correct balance of acidity in the small and large intestine. The rising ph levels kills bad bacteria while promoting the growth of good bacteria thus helping to restore your bacterial imbalance to normal.

If you suffer from chronic health problems or chronic candida/parasite infections then heavy metal toxicity is a likely reason as to why you are not getting better and regaining your health.
TRS is simple and easy to use and as safe as anything I’ve tried. It’s also the only zeolite that’s not contaminated and worth using. Don’t be a toxic sponge who just accumulates metals and toxins waiting for them to cause you harm. Be active in your health and detox.

Interested in trying TRS you can grab it here:
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Vaccine Detox Protocol

(Comments about vaccination vs not vaccinating will be deleted. This is a safe space and we respect everyone’s choices for their family.  this is not a debate )
If you want to chat more or want more resources, you’re welcome to PM me. )

– Vaccinating or not vaccinating is our personal choice as parents/adults. Do your research properly, use actual books written by doctors, and peer-reviewed studies by a third party, and read the vaccine inserts (not the handouts they give you. The ACTUAL insert.
– You have to ask for it and they often won’t give it to you. You can find inserts on the CDC website, including the full ingredient list. Read them. If you google vaccine ingredients the PDF form the CDC will pop right up.
– Then you can decide further if you want those ingredients injected or not.
Knowledge is power.
You can never undo it. Yes, you can detox and flush out the toxins but its not always 100% fool proof.

Okay so that being said, I’m often asked for a detox protocol.
You can have lots of vaccinations showing up on the zyto biofeedback scans, (energy/frequency scans). They are called The Vaxx sheds.
It is called shedding effect.
Vaccinated children/adults also “shed” the virus or whatever is in the vaccine, through their skin, and can get it on others in the home, or anyone around them.
It is a good idea to protect the immune systems of all near the recently vaccinated person two weeks before, and two weeks after.
These protocols are fantastic to do as every day/week immune system maintenance.
We do these as a regular routine because we know healthy bodies fight stronger! And knowing the shedding effect, we feel it’s important to keep our bodies healthy.

Here is a short version and a second longer version.
Vaccine detox protocol:
– Lavender on injection site
– Frankincense & Coriander on the spine to push out the heavy metals
– DiGize to protect the gut
– Peppermint on feet for fever
– JuvaCleanse on the feet and liver to clear the toxins.

In addition to essential oils, Dr. Blaylock has a vaccine protocol that is also widely used.
1. Put a cold compress on the site immediately afterwards and continue to apply.
2. Vitamin E, the natural form that is high in gamma-E will help dampen the immune reactions and reduces several of the inflammatory cytokines.
3. Ionic Foot Detox baths are helpful.
4. DO NOT ever give fever reducers, (tylenol). It depletes glutathione and can make any adverse reaction worse.
5. Lots of Cilantro and Coriander essential oil (these detox heavy metals!)
6. detox bath if 1-2 c baking soda (you can add the oil in there too) baking soda: // epsom salt:
7. Raw Camel Milk: (SPEAKUP for 10% off)
8. Digize on the bottom of the feet is helpful when applied often
9. Probiotics (life 9) and the kids probiotic.
10. Silica – (You can purchase silica in liquid mineral form, as a cell salt, or as an herbal supplement)
11. Omegas (omegagize, for children who can’t swallow pills, get Innate Choice liquid fish oil on amazon)
12. Elderberry syrup 2 weeks before and after vaccination: Adult=1 Tbsp. every 3 hours, Children=1tsp every 3 hours
13. Vitamin C (Super C)
14. Colloidal Silver – is also a very strong antiviral. Is in our Thieves Mouth Wash! (( those local can contact my dad who makes it and has a great price … plus it’s the best Kerry Lee ))
15. Zinc – is in our Immpro! You can also order straight zinc drops from amazon.
Zinc is a mineral that fights infection and improves immunity. It also helps with skin and respiratory tract related side effects of vaccine like rash and sudden outbreak of eczema, cough, cold and flu like symptoms. (Also SUPER effective at protecting the body from major viruses. Drs are finding almost everyone who has the ‘Rona has had depleted zinc levels.
16. Ningxia Red to help build up their immune system!
17. Vit D (Super D) – our super D is 2000iu per tab

Please ask if you have any questions!
Thank you Amanda Rose Cooper for this write up it’s fantastic

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