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Watermelon Good For Breast Cancer ?

Watermelon Compound Halts 95% of Breast Cancer Growth in Vitro:

Watermelon is a rich source of a powerful antioxidant known as cucurbitacin E. In this study, cucurbitacin E was shown to slow the growth of human breast cancer cells by up to 95% and increase the rate of programmed cell death by an amazing 1800%.

In other lab studies it has been observed to potently slow the growth of ovarian, colon, lung, mouth, pancreatic and bladder cancers, as well as glioma (brain cancer). But can watermelon reduce cancer risk in people? A surprising number of studies indicate it does.

One study from China showed that women eating 40 grams daily of watermelon, cantaloupe or papaya had 38% less risk of breast cancer (cantaloupe is also a rich source of cucurbitacin E). For prostate cancer, men eating 82 grams daily (in Australia) had an amazing 74% reduced risk! And in China, men had 35% less risk of lung cancer if they ate 163 grams daily of this amazing melon. When summer melons aren’t in season, you can still get plenty of curcubitacin E in pumpkin, winter squash, and cucumbers—which are anti-cancer super foods in their own right.

Watermelon is special, though, because it’s also an excellent source of lycopene, a nutrient that not only lowers cancer risk but also protects our skin from UV damage from the summer sun.

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