We Should Disobey Vaccine

We Should Disobey Vaccine

We Should Disobey Vaccine .Artist Stan Lee says he will #StopAtTwo.

As Malaysians, we have been conditioned by our education system to obey orders.

But what should we do if the system isn’t working?

We should disobey!

Stan took the first two doses of the vaccine but is refusing the booster.

And in this video, he shares his reasons why.

He tells a story about the passing of his friend, the late Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing who officially died from “covid” shortly after taking the jab.

“Wasn’t that what the jab was supposed to protect him from?”

He also talks about how we have to sign the consent form which absolves the government and vaccine manufacturer from any liability should we suffer adverse side effects.

Why should WE (the Rakyat) be forced to take these injections and bear all the risk ourselves?

If there is a risk, there should be a degree of choice offered.

In Stan’s own words, “two is more than enough”.

Do you agree?

Detox No. 1 For Those Who Have Vaccine

To Avoid Blood Clots‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ fumes before running out of stock

Needle Pine Tea * (Traditional Herbal Tea) *

* Pine Needle Tea* To Stop Protein Spike & Stop Protein Spike Growth, Advice By Doctors² Experts And Scientists Abroad. Read Selawat 100x Before Drinking ..

* Pine Needle Tea* Provides Extraordinary Benefits To The Immune System And Accelerates Healing Because It Contains 4-5 Times More* Vitamin-C* Than Orange Juice. * Pine Needles* Are A Natural Source And Best Used To* Prevent BLOOD CLOTHING,* Protect* DNA And RNA,* And Improve Blood Circulation, And Regulate Blood Pressure

With * Drinking A Cup Of Pine Needle Tea * Can Help Your Antioxidant Intake. * Pine Needles* Rich In A Number Of Antioxidants, Including Vitamins A And C, And Flavonoids. These Vitamins And Phytonutrients Protect Your Cells From Damage By Ingredients Referred To As Free Radicals, And * Needle Pine Tea * These * Can Help Prevent Various Chronic Diseases Like Heart Disease, Diabetes And Alzheimer’s Disease. * You May Get More Benefits When You Get Antioxidants From Natural Sources And Not Supplements, *According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. *

Good For Your Heart, * Needle Pine Tea (Traditional Herbal Tea) * Can Also Benefit Your Heart. * Pine Needles* Can Help Lipid Metabolism, According To A 2005 Study Published In* Journal Of The Korean Society Of Food Culture.* It Also Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Can Help Prevent Oxidation Of Low Density Lipoprotein, The Bad Cholesterol That Causes The Formation Plaque Along The Walls Of Your Arteries

Luciferase MRNA VAccine ?

One of the pfizer quality control workers asked pfizer why there was light emitted out of the pfizer vial if it was placed under illumines and because of this he was fired.
– pfizer denies but the evidence shown is not biased. But media deception and censorship cause all this to be blocked and only known to those of you who care to know.

One video shows an injection of LUCIFERAse and a glowing smartphone display on the animal.
In humans it may glow blue or green rather than pink. Now do a search on how many people are reporting new purple or blue street lights in many cities. Maybe it really means black light? Because underneath, street lights are injected with LUCIFERAse light.

this will later this light be used to confirm vaccination and not (maybe we do not know what the purpose is there)

Teachers, UM staff challenge the Covid-19 vaccination program

Two groups want the government to disclose information on the results of clinical trials on all vaccines used, in addition to all side effects reported since the immunization program began.

PETALING JAYA: Several academic and administrative staff of the University of Malaya have filed a judicial review application to challenge the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program.

They filed for permission to apply for judicial review in the Shah Alam High Court, last October, to revoke the government’s order to implement the program based on the circular sent to them.

Nineteen applicants from the university nominated the Registrar of the University of Malaya; Director General of Public Service Khairul Adib Abd Rahman; Ministry of Health and government as respondents.

Meanwhile, five teachers also filed a similar application naming the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health as well as their ministries, besides Khairul and the government as respondents.

In the application and affidavit seen by FMT, the applicants said, as civil servants they have the freedom whether they want to participate in the program or not.

According to them, the government’s action to force them to take the vaccine violates human rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

They also applied for an order by the UM administration or the Ministry of Education to postpone the circular until the judicial review application is completed.

Apart from that, they also applied for an order for the government to disclose the details of all clinical trials on the vaccines used as well as side effects following the immunization program.

All 24 applicants were of the view that the government’s decision to inject the vaccine into their bodies was illegal, irrational and unconstitutional.

FMT understands that Attorney -General Idrus Harun objected to their application on the grounds that it was trivial and inconvenient.

The Shah Alam High Court set April 5 to hear the two applications simultaneously.

Microneedle (Quantum Dot Tattoo)

Connecting Slaves to their Masters

Microneedle Arrays Integrated with Living Organisms for Smart Biomedical Applications

We systemically summarize the technologies employed for the Integration of Microneedle arrays (MNAs) with specific living organisms including diverse viruses, bacteria, mammal cells and so on.

Moreover, their applications such as vaccination, anti-infection, tumor therapy and tissue repairing are well illustrated.

(Confirms Their Transhumanism Goal)

It is believed that the Combination of Living Organisms with Functional Microneedle arrays (MNAs) would hold great promise in the near future due to the advantages of both Biological and Artificial Species.

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