Welcome to Hell Anthony Fauci

Welcome to Hell Anthony Fauci

Welcome to Hell Anthony Fauci. Welcome to HELL Dr. Death Fauci,

Your trial findings will be…GUILTY OF:

• Crimes against humanity.

• Funding through NIH = MILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars to other Countries for Medical Experimentationon, Torturing Animals, Monkeys, Dogs. Mice and Rats with Aborted Human baby scalps with human baby hair growing off their backs. “Gain of Function”

•Illegally purchasing Aborted Babies and body parts from Planned Parenthood.

•Medical experiments on Orphaned Children through State Programs designed to protect Children. “States, and said Agencies involved also Guilty!”

•Experiments on Children who have never even seen the light of day.”Mole Children”

•Chem Trails, Experimental spraying heavy metals, medications, deseases, cancer causing agents. “Biological Warfare against United States Citizens” Acountibility for all Government Agencies in involved. Including the Deep State involved military.


FAQ from the current Gene Decode transmission

The failure of Facebook and co. was a sign from the Alliance to the Deep State,
that the internet can be completely or partially shut down at any time, if that is what the Alliance wants. In order to take Facebook completely off the net, many
many different servers had to be shut down at the same time and there were probably even
even a lot of pages of coding (of the website) that had to be rewritten afterwards.

It was a warning, because the Deep State intends to connect
all with the Internet to interlace / CRYPTO MINING (Microsoft patent / NEUROLINK (Elon Musk) (brain waves, heartbeat, whereabouts etc. can be
be read out, there are already videos about it where this is shown on the Dark Web).
The alliance has hereby communicated that if they try this, the internet will simply be
completely shut down.
They have the satellites under their control. The Space Force has been doing the shutdown.

Gene says the SPARS document from John Hopkins University shows where the Deep State’s plan is going. of the Deep State is going.(Small isolated communities, connected only by the Internet, all under connected, all under complete control). similar to the Borg collective from Star Trek.

Bitcoin/Crypto Currency is part of the Deep State, it funds child trafficking.

Under the 3 Gorges Dam in China is the largest ‘mining’ site for Bitcoin.
All crypto currencies are initiated by the CCP.
He strongly recommends getting out of all Crypto-Currencies as they fund the New World Order.
He recommends silver and gold and some cash for the transition period (switching to Gesara/Nesara).
Silver can also be used as protection from mind control and the like (woven into clothing, etc.)
Gene assumes that the 3-Gorges-Dam already exists for the most part
no longer exists. Google Earth no longer shows any current images. rather unlikely, it would have leaked, the issue is well known.

Nino Rodriguez asks how to think about the tunnels. Gene says, the whole earth is crisscrossed with them, like ant tunnels or honeycombs.
Nino asks if it won’t take forever to clear all these tunnels, but Gene explains,
that we now have a tremendous amount of help from alien races.
Normally the ETs don’t make contact / intervene until there is a united world government exists. However, since we cannot achieve this due to the influence of the cabal
and enough people/unions have asked for help, we get this help more and more.
more and more. He says the tunnels will all be cleared in about 2 years.

He explains how the tunnels have been formed since 1947 the newer ones yes, but there is a much older system

The Alliance has been working for years on the DUMBS (underground tunnels used by the Deep State
for child and human trafficking, organ and drug trafficking).
The DUMBS are mostly 10 km deep, there were the earthquakes when the tunnels were built (in the 40’s) and then again only since Trump was in power. is current right now.

Gene talks about the earth being hollow inside and having a sun.
Some DUMBS (e.g. Pine Gap) go all the way to the Earth’s interior. Positive beings from inside the earth are now helping to clear tunnels as well. There is no mention of planet Earth. A Flat Earth surface does not exclude a Hollow Earth…


supported by
in Alliance with


Doctors in Malaysia are frustrated by the absence of an official protocol for early intervention with their Covid-19 patients. All they can do is to advice their patients who test positive or even show early symptoms to check into a quarantine centre or to self quarantine at home & wait, hoping that they don’t get to the stage of needing oxygen.

A group of Malaysian frontline doctors decided to rise up! So they studied what other countries were doing & discovered the innovative work of the frontline doctors in these countries. FLCCC.net, a Covid-19 frontline alliance based in the USA, took the lead in the world to come up with effective prevention & treatment protocols. Doctors here have begun a similar movement in Malaysia.

On 21 August 2021, they conducted a Zoom Panel Discussion called DOCTORS UNITED primarily targeted at all doctors but also for the attention of health authorities & the general public.

THESE IMPORTANT session, DR KENNY VIDEO#7& ALL testimonies on various aspects & it went on for 2.5 HR a very large audience Highest of 5,165 viewers now 68K view of this video:


1. The need for Early Intervention – Dr Satvinder Singh Khelae https://bit.ly/3sCXX7Q
2. India Experience – Dr Lenny Da Costa https://bit.ly/3y5ZEvW
3. Philippines Experience – Dr Homer Lim https://bit.ly/3gniWH6
4. Ivermectin is Safe – Dr Amir Farid Isahak https://bit.ly/3AWJNBw
5. Efficacy of Ivermectin – Dr Manimalar Selvi Naicker https://bit.ly/2WcZk1i
6. Harassment of Doctors – Dr Satvinder Singh Khelae https://bit.ly/3j44ohk
7. Covid-19 Survivor – Dr Kenny Yong https://bit.ly/3zb3xRk
8. Harassment Victim – Anonymous Doctor https://bit.ly/3mrrMr0
9. Q&A various doctors – https://bit.ly/3sAZ2xf
10. The Complete 2.5 hour Zoom Session – https://bit.ly/38albsx (for those who want all the juicy bits)


Episode 2: Doctors United CoVid19 TaskForce Zoominar:


Was Trump, Melinda and all top White House staffers who came down with Covid19 told to go home & rest and there’s nothing that their doctors can do ?
is our country still stubborn & does not recognize Ivermectin as a covid 19 drug for Malaysians?

Salam all. Tq Dr. Vijay, Dr. Amir n Dr. Kenny for being truthful doctors, upholding your “First do no harm” oath, & urging your fellow doctors to do the same. Many doctors who do not treat patients have indeed lost their compassion for sick people. The information you all shared here will benefit everybody except those who align themselves with Big Pharma & will save many lives, without a doubt. Alhamdulillah. May Allah protect you & your family save from coronavirus & the arrogance, greed n stupidity of Malaysia’s health officials & political leaders.

36:20 Dr. Vijae reports Malaysia Covid stats on death cases vs other countries
54:20 Dr. Amir updates on Ivermectin’s safety, efficacy, & urgency of using this medicine now
1:07:00 Dr. Amir concludes the discussion on evidence-based practice & level of evidence
1:17:45 Dr. Amir updates on the current situation in Malaysia
1:20:00 Dr. Amir discusses current KKM protocol.
1:27:00 Dr. Kenny presents treatment options for categories 3, 4, & 5 to doctors especially. Explaining protocols by Dr. Paul Marik.
1:31:00 Dr. Kenny discusses phases of Covid-19
1:58:00 Conclusion by Dr. Kenny. He gave 10 points to takeaway. #5 doing nothing for categories 3,4,5 is medical malpractice! #8 we need to do much more than 2-dose. #9 we must have an immunity passport by antibodies level & build real Malaysian immunity.
2:05:00 Q&A starts
2:55:00 Dr. Kenny explains what is responsible vaccination program

Victoria 0122652845 COVID Protocols

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