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When Business Drop, Find The Right Mentor

If the biz decreases then we needs another person as an advisor.

The habit of biz is there is a time to go up and there is a time to go down.

His father’s secret to staying with this biz is that we do not lose touch with sincere biz advisors.

We must find the right mentor to see us successfully..they understand the strengths and weaknesses..they are always take heavy biz things..they have fallen and rise in this they can give the right advice not just theory.

Find a biz mentor who is the same biz..not a mentor who has nothing to do with our’s so bad.

Religion and history once happened a great leader with a large network generating income of more than Rm800k a month..when the business falls he is looking for a mentor who has nothing to do with the business now..finally he can get wrong advice and today he is missing from the field.

How many great masters of this Y gene who have ever been able to earn RM90k sbln fall down to RM50k..carry baby in abstinence ask how to grow back how to revive the master manage to jump back their biz..congratulations

May Allah make it easy and bless our efforts in a month full of blessings.

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