Why Eat Animal Protein ?

Why Eat Animal Protein ?

Why Eat Animal Protein ? Animal protein is of highest biological value and contains a wide spectrum of ingredients, valuable for proper metabolism and functioning.

Why Eat Animal Protein ?

Rich in leucine that kicks mTOR and muscle growth.
Contains cholesterol to synthesise androgens, estrogens and other steroid molecules, including cortisol, calciferol.
Plenty in hemic iron, the one that is bioavailable and assimilated.
Iron provides stamina and endurance by synthesis of hemoglobin, the 02 carrier protein in tissues.
Cobalamine, the vitamin of vitality.
Providing erythropoiesis and RBCs synthesis from bone marrow.
A major factor to control methylation by lowering a toxic compound known as homocysteine, linked to DVT and CVD.
Calciferol, a steroid molecule and pro hormone fat soluble vitamin, responsible for BMD, immunity and neuromuscular conjunction.
Creatine, a tripeptide that ensures ATP production and optimal muscle contraction.
DHA/EPA omega 3 PUFAs, found exclusively in fatty fish, way superior to ALA omega 3 derived from plant sources.
More protein, more muscles, less Glycemia, less insulin resistance and diabetes II.
More muscles equal less visceral fat and better lipid profile, less estrogens and lower SHBG, that equals higher free testosterone.
Muscles are vital tissue that fight against cachexia and disability in elderly.
They strengthen bone tissue and reverse osteopenia.
They boost BMR and fight MS.
They shape and tone the body.
Consuming different sources of animal protein, provides a difference profile of amino acids.
We humans are omnivores and we are made to eat protein, because we have canine teeth.
The mankind evolved through cholesterol eating.
The fundamental steroid molecule that feeds CNS and brain tissue.

Animal Protein Cause KIDNEY DAMAGE ?

Pain in the eyes, pain in the shoulders. It’s a pity to see a kidney patient. In the perforation of the abdomen for #Peritonealdialysis. In operation for AV Fistula. Resist the pain in the prick every 2 days to find the blood vessels connecting to the dialysis machine. Anemia. Difficulty breathing due to a lot of water that accumulates in the body and various other complications.
When you look at people, it doesn’t matter, but if it happens to family members or yourself, then you know – #howtheysuffer.
I don’t want that to be the end of my life. I also don’t want it to happen to the family & all of you. It’s really PAINFUL. Take care because if we have to undergo dialysis every 2-3 days, all family members will feel the difficulty.
Take care of our own kidney.

Kidney damage or kidney failure (the cause of my father -in -law’s death yesterday) has become no stranger to Malaysians. In the past, we always heard of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatigue and more. But now kidney failure can be included in this list.
Malaysia is the HIGHEST country in the WORLD that has kidney patients due to diabetes (#DiabeticNephropathy). As a result, companies that manufacture dialysis machines and all related disposable dialysis products are competing to come and ‘invest’ in Malaysia as the returns are very lucrative.
Malaysians are considered the ‘pit’ for this very lucrative investment.
The problem here …
Why Malaysians, their kidneys are very vulnerable @ ‘#vulnerable’ to get kidney disease?
I have been in the field of dialysis for almost 8 years. For 8 years I searched for the answer to this question. And finally I think I’ve got the answer to this question.
Yes … our diet overloads our kidneys with foods that have too many sources of #ANIMALPROTEIN.
Every day we eat 3 times a day … and every menu we eat MUST have CHICKEN, MEAT, EGGS AND FISH.
As a result of three servings of Animal Protein every day, our kidneys are finally #lazy to work because they have been burdened with hard work for years and finally this ear has to hear from the doctor a sentence that is very feared by all of us which is … “Mr. kidney is damaged and affected do kidney cleansing 3 times a week for 4 hours each time for LIFE “.
It was heartbreaking to hear this statement from the doctor and the companies that made the machines and all the dialysis equipment smiled broadly.
Diabetics need to do 2 things to avoid becoming ‘return material for this foreign company’s investment’, namely:
1. Control their blood sugar levels.
2. Control animal protein intake.
It’s easy to talk. But how to do it?
In short, control sugar levels by:
1. Breakfast with talbinah porridge (a kind of barley porridge).
2. Convert white rice to brown rice.
3. Change white sugar to ‘coconut sugar’. ‘Coconut sugar’ IS GUARANTEED NOT TO LEVEL SUGAR LEVELS (Gula Melaka, Gula Anau).
Reduce kidney burden by:
1. STOP EATING CHICKEN, MEAT AND FISH (if possible). Change your protein source to vegetable protein. You are guaranteed not to lack protein in the body.
2. Never drink cold water in the morning on an empty stomach because this has been proven to damage the kidneys.
3. Cupping or cupping therapy or Hijama in Arabic (which the majority of people consider as archaic) at certain points in the body can reduce the level of #CREATININE.
Factors that damage the kidneys:
1. Frequent urination.
2. Drink less water.
3. Like to eat salty foods.
4. Like to drink fizzy drinks.
5. Frequent ‘dirty urine’ infection (urinary track infection) and not treated properly.
6. Eat meat and seafood often (high uric acid)
7. Eat painkillers often.
8. Smoking.
9. Obesity.
10. Alcohol.
11. Uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes.

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