Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Wish To Be Better

“Dont wish to be easier. Wish to be better ”

Before removing the wisdom tooth, I already knew it was painful. I just think like corps, already know that it hurts. No such thing as “have no pain” no matter how normal and no complications whatsoever.

“Childbirth IS HAPPENING NO ***” right?

To get wisdom teeth, I have to accept that fact. It is useless to have the false hope of “no pain at all”. As it is painful and uncomfortable.

Similarly, business is impossible, everything is effortless, everybody is buying, everyone is a sign up expert, everything is going smoothly, there will be no problem right away. As anyone who has ever experienced such a thing, no matter how great a business skill can be.

Even the perfect Prophet Muhammad, should be rejected. Instead of happy prayers, what did Prophet Muhammad do? Just get better:

– recruit new members to make the community stronger
– coach people better, from corner to corner
– Develop a better strategy, than lose in Uhud to win all subsequent wars

Even in business.

Instead of hoping everyone is happy, we need to upgrade. So whatever comes, we can do it successfully.

– Prospect object, we know where to handle.
– Reject prospect, we know where to respond and follow up.
– By cursing our haters we go through every curse with wisdom rather than emotion that only damages the situation.

Get better. That is the only way.

You know how painful it is to prepare, prepare mentally and prepare nutrition so we are strong enough to go through right?

Even so. You know business is not as easy as eating paycheck, preparing mentally, upgrading people skill to handle many things, right?

Next question, how to get better?

(1) keep a circle of friends, only with the person who is capable of upgrading better, not just know the blame for his work.

(2) attend to business event, only with the event can we recharge with people who want to succeed in the same way we do.

(3) do what you need to do. Skill does not come with mere expectation. Only skill we can achieve is consistent. No short cut.

Come on !!!

Our business is simple.
Not fun, but simple.

However, it would not be by itself without effort, without rejection, without ups and downs. But our business becomes powerful when we upgrade ourselves to become stronger than that (rejection, ups and downs, etc).

Be Better. Your  biz will grow higher.

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