World Divided Two Religions

World Divided Two Religions

World Divided Two Religions. Jul 21, 2021. July 2021. I ask myself why is the situation like it is? Why are the times like they are?

Why are the people and the world divided and fallen apart?

My answer is: because there are already two religions fighting agains each other. They call each other cults or stupid or ignorant, they call, fight and abuse each other as they can. A new religion against an old one. I have talked to many people, people who want to be vaccinated and people who don’t want to be vaccinated and asked myself what is the difference between them apart of the vaccination question – if they is any?

I think there is a difference apart of the vaccination question. The difference is the ability to believe and the cognition that actually everything is just a believe. But if some don’t believe that everything is just a believe, what do they believe is the so called „reality“? It’s the status. What is status? Status is a kind of imaginary value, like the fact that some pay without any reasonable reasons 100 Millions for a painting of a black square, that every child can paint. The only difference between the 100 Million black-square painting and a no-worth black-square painting of a child is the status. It’s the unfounded believe in a dogma that tells „this black-square painting it’s 100 Million painting“ and everybody who does not eat it is stupid and uneducated – so he loses the status.

Those who want to be vaccinated check at first the „status“ of an information by checking of the status of it’s source, even the status is nothing but a dogma, and decide not because of the reasons, but because of the status. Those who don’t want to be vaccinated don’t care for the status, they are able to isolate the truth from the status. That’s the difference.

For the vaccinated status and truth is the same, for the unvaccinated status is just a product that can be everything, like a Rolex-Watch or a Ferrari for example, but not necessarily truth. This two position are not just different ways of thinking, this are two different concepts of two religions.

The one defines the truth by status and the other by a feeling. For the one truth can be produced for the other not.For the one the truth belongs to the producers, for the others to everyone.

This is the big question of the 21st century, which of this two religions will win and weather truth can be produced or not? And if so, who is the producer and who’s the owner? Until the internet-age, the state was the owner, but with the internet-age especially the state changed into a lobbyists-club and the people do not accept this lobbyist-club as the truth-owner so a completely new player has to appear. Who or whatever it is, it’s the future. World Divided Two Religions

Discrimination’ against unvaxxed an ‘apartheid policy’, says politician

KUCHING: Parti Bumi Kenyalang has labeled the Sarawak government’s decision to allow only fully-vaccinated people to work or enter any business premises as discriminatory and going against human rights. Party president Voon Lee Shan said he was studying the legal implications of the state government’s policies concerning controlling citizens’ movement in the state.

Voon said he has also discussed the issue with lawyers, medical experts and activists nationwide recently.”I think it is possible that the state government could be brought to court because the law should not restrict people’s liberty and movement.”The government should not impose any rule to say only those who have been fully-vaccinated against Covid-19 are allowed to work,” he said in a statement today.

Voon, a lawyer, said it was unconstitutional to impose such a rule, which affects the people’s rights to their lives and livelihood under Article 5 of the Federal Constitution. He said it could also be unconstitutional under Article 8 of the Federal Constitution because of the issue of equality before the law.He said such an imposition creates two classes of citizens in the society, where vaccinated individuals will have more rights than the those unvaccinated.

On Monday, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in its latest standard operating procedures (SOPs), stated that only individuals who have completed two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are allowed to work or enter any business premises. Exceptions, it said, will only be given to those with one dose of the vaccine until the end of August.

Voon said this was an “apartheid policy” because it segregates the population. Such an action, he said, goes against human rights because citizens are supposed to move and mix around freely with each other. Everyone, he added, should be treated as in the same class and equal to each other.

He said to require an individual to be fully-vaccinated before being allowed to work or to enter certain premises should be viewed as coercion by the government and this could nullify the consent form signed by the vaccine takers. “It could also be nullified if the consent was not an informed consent and I doubt this was done in most, if not all cases in Sarawak.”

Voon said for “informed consent”, there were certain procedures that medical staff need to follow in accordance with medical practices. “Merely satisfying the vaccine takers in answering a few questions, perhaps, may not be able to satisfy this.

“Many who were vaccinated suffered side effects or even death. Besides, there were cases where fully-vaccinated individuals can still be infected by the virus. Hence, the people have the right to reject being vaccinated without restricting their movement,” he said. World Divided Two Religions

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