MAECC Condemn Health Minister

MAECC Condemn Health Minister

MAECC Condemn Health Minister. Media release from Malaysian Alliance For Effective Covid Control (MAECC) 18 October 2021.


Health Minister Khairi Jamaluddin has crossed the bounds of ministerial decency when he made the statement on 16 October that the government would “continue to make life difficult” for those who chose not to inoculate for Covid-19. MAECC is appalled and condemns such insensitive statement coming from a minister. This minister had on numerous occasions, including statements made in parliament, gave assurances that this injection will not be made mandatory.

While the current declining infection and death rates are a relieve, it is too soon to celebrate and too soon to claim victory for the vaccination programme. In fact, the health minister himself mentioned that the SARS-CoV-2 has become endemic, and we must live with it. Natural immunity through past infection has also significantly contributed to the declining rates too, besides the Covid-19 vaccines.

The health minister should be directing his attention to other pressing matters like breakthrough infection rather than issuing threats to the people. First, he should be concern with the surge in the Delta variant affecting both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and those vaccinated are also shedding the virus. There are now several scientific reports stating that those vaccinated carry higher viral loads compared to the unvaccinated.

The health ministry has stopped reporting ICU admission in hospitals for the fully vaccinated since 9 September. Prior to that there has been an average daily 40 cases of those fully vaccinated admitted to ICUs, contradicting the claim that vaccines could prevent severe Covid-19.

Withholding of key information regarding Covid-19, especially regarding ICU admission and serious adverse reactions within days and weeks after the vaccine shots is unwise. The minister and health ministry officials have an obligation to disclose all key information.

Current data from the health ministry shows that the states with the highest vaccination rate and had completed their vaccination ahead of other states are seeing a rise in infection rate. This is being seen in Sarawak. The data shows more than half of the daily Covid-19 cases are fully vaccinated. This trend is also seen in other countries like Israel, Singapore, and UK with high vaccination rates. Vaccination as a single-track strategy is doomed to failure if these trends are repeated here.

All this clearly shows there is little difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in terms of infection and getting severe Covid.

The government’s continuous accusation of those unvaccinated putting a risk to others is misleading, insincere, and factually incorrect. This includes the prime minister’s cautioning of the teachers in a speech in Pahang on 17 October.

Another piece of serious concern is regarding vaccinated young persons developing myocarditis. Worldwide, there are several reports on this subject, and it is worrying. Myocarditis is a prelude to future and more serious heart disease condition.

There is also accusation of Covid-19 vaccines containing graphene oxide. Independent laboratories have confirmed traces of graphene oxide and heavy metals presence in the vaccines. Again, remaining silent on such reports is unwarranted.

How can there be informed consent for those going for the vaccination programme when the true constituents of the Covid-19 vaccines are not disclosed?

The health minister should also be very concerned with potential medium and long-term harm associated with the vaccine shots. He and his officials should be closely monitoring for indications and unfortunate events in the months ahead. We pray that no such event will happen, but data from US, UK and Europe should make us all very concerned.

MAECC urges the health minister and the government to stop threatening the people. Respect the individual’s wish whether one wants to be vaccinated.

We have achieved more than 90% vaccination rate for the adult population; and with more than 67% of the population fully vaccinated, we are among the highest vaccinated in the world. At this rate, and with millions expected with acquired natural immunity, our nation should already have achieved herd immunity.

Combating this Covid epidemic must involve all, be transparent, and not a single track, autocratic passage of information.

MAECC would like to reiterate that we are not against vaccination. Most of our members in the various associations and their family members have been fully vaccinated.

Capt Dr Wong Ang Peng (Rtd)
MAECC Secretariate

This statement is co-signed by:
Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy on behalf of the members of SAHAMM
(Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia)

Dr Vijaendreh Subramaniam on behalf of the members of MAAFIM
(Malaysian Association for the Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine)

Connie Lee Yoke Kwan on behalf of the members of MSCM
(Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine)

Saroja Theavy Balakrishnan on behalf of the members of SNH
(Society of Natural Health Malaysia)

Prof Dr Chong Wee Fong on behalf of the members of NMAM
(Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia)

Dato Nadzim Johan on behalf of the members of PPIM
(Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia)

Lithuania – the first country in Europe to enforce Covid Pass restrictions.

People without a Covid Pass are banned from most public areas: supermarkets, shopping centers, stores, banks, restaurants, cafes, universities, gyms, libraries, repair services, hair salons and more

At entrances to public spaces, people queue in line to have their Pass verified.
Guards scan the Pass sometimes with a handheld scanner, sometimes with an installed machine.
If you have a valid Pass, the light flashes green and beeps.
Then you may enter.
The Covid Pass is in the form of QR code on phone or on paper.

No Covid Pass = no entry to any public space. They are banned from participating in society. Employers suspend workers without pay.

Other countries will begin within weeks.

The Islamic Eschatology Group

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