Month: October 2021

Pandemic on Paper ?

Healing the Body:How do you create a pandemic that only exists on paper and in the minds of the people? 1. Unleash a man-made virus ….

How To Do Business With Your Spouse ?

Alhamdulillah… after 11 years dwelling in this neighbourhood, we decided to move to another house, to provide rooms for our growing family. Venturing & growing ….

Ivermectin From India

Ivermectin from india .10×10 ivermectin tabs from India, government aproved vendors, for 50 usd plus shipping costs with tracking numbers, payment via paypal. If you ….

Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient

Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient, Whistleblower #0097. Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) 15yrs+ Non-Emergency Patient Transport. Workplace registration provided. 13/10/21. I am writing with serious concerns regarding the ….

Coronavirus Disease Immunity Booster

Coronavirus Disease Immunity Booster . This review focused on the use of plant-based foods for enhancing the immunity of all aged groups against COVID-19. In ….

Heart Attack Pandemic

Heart Attack Pandemic, The world is now witnessing a pandemic of N-STEMI heart attacks caused by blood clots. A certain type of heart attack is ….

How To Decline The Jab ?

Forwarded to me: HOW TO DECLINE THE JAB The secret is NOT to refuse it…. I write with regard to the matter of potential covid ….

Afghanistan Rich In Lithium

Afghanistan Rich In Lithium. Right now, while you are reading this, most likely you are holding a piece of Afghanistan in your hand!! Don’t believe ….

World Divided Two Religions

World Divided Two Religions. Jul 21, 2021. July 2021. I ask myself why is the situation like it is? Why are the times like they ….